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Almost feel silly asking, but....

Guest Dave

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Guest Dave

Assuming Canada advance against SVG, and the other favoured teams advance as well, what dates and venues can we expect for Canada's three home matches in the semifinal round. I've heard speculation regarding Mexico in Edmonton, Jamaica in Toronto and Honduras in Montreal, but what dates are we talking about? Has anything been confirmed, or at least strongly hinted unoficially? Thanks.

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According to the link below, the fifa calendar for matches in the second half of 2008 is identical to that of 2004. So you can pretty much take this to bank as being the official game days. Namely

1-Wed, August,20,2008 - 1 match, release period for players is 48 hours

2-September 6-10(Sa-We), 2008 - 2 matches - release period for players is 4/5 days

3-October 11-15 (Sa-We), 2008 - 2 matches - release period for players is 4/5 days

4-Wed, November, 19, 2008 - 1 match, release period for players is 48 hours

As for concacaf, you can be certain that #2 ( Sept) and #3 ( Oct) will be home and away games. As for #1 and #4, one will be home and the other away. The good news there for those wishing to make travel plans is that #2 and #3 are both on Canadian long weekends.


Next, using the tournament format from 4 years ago, the group 8 play off winner ( Can ) played the first game at home against the group 6 play off winner ( Guatemala). This time Jamaica is the likely group 6 play off winner.

So you can fairly confident that first game will be a home game against Jamaica on Aug 20, 2008.

The next game in 2004 was also a home game on Saturday Labour day weekend against Honduras ( group 7). Both they and canada are drawn into identical spots( 8 and 7) this time, so you can bank on a Saturday, Sept 6 game at home against Honduras.

Which follows that the third game will be against Mex in azecta on the following wednesday.

Following that through to logical conclusion and you have sched that looks like this:

Can-Jam-Aug,20 (Home game)

Can-Hon-Sept,6 (Home game)



Can-Mex-Oct,15 (Home game)


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