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Where will Hume go should Leicester go down?


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All I know is Hume signed a contract for 3 years last summer to keep him at LCFC till the end of the 2009/2010 season. I would have thought there would be a relegation clause in the contract but I don't think last year anyone would have thought LCFC would drop a division.

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Watched the last 40 minutes or so of the Leicester game on Setanta. What drama!! Unbelievable. Hume did well during that time. He put a free kick over the bar and a deflected shot was stopped. I'm very curious to see where he will be next season.

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Did you hear on the broadcast? First time in 124 years Leicester hasn't been in the 1st or 2nd Division in England. How'd you like to hang your hat on that one. Yikes.

Anyway, they had their chances to save themselves these past few weeks and couldn't. Could have saved themselves and sunk Wednesday all in one shot and didn't so here we are.

Not sure what's going to happen to Leicester's better players. They have a few besides Hume who could be picked up easily enough around the CCC but I'm not sure Leicester intend on parting with anyone who they could otherwise convince to stay. I don't think their financial situation will be overly hurt by dropping down for a year.

Now whether that's true or not we'll see but I can assure you a year in Division 1 will not do Iain Hume a stitch of good and definitely harms his 1st team status with Canada entering into a World Cup cycle.

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sorry i have to say it Toronto FC haha i know its over done but id really like to see more Canadians on that team. but anyway i hope his world cup start is not hurt because of this b/c he is one of my fav players after i saw him play in Edmonton for Canada last world cup qualifier.

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We are deeply, deeply sorry, admits ace Hume


682 words

7 May 2008

Leicester Mercury




© 2008 Leicester Mercury

Iain Hume today apologised to Leicester City's fans following the club's relegation, admitting a lack of goals was to blame.

City's top scorer said the players were "deeply, deeply sorry" and he vowed to stay and help the club bounce back.

The 0-0 draw at Stoke on Sunday - the 19th time they drew a Championship blank - coupled with Southampton's 3-2 win against Sheffield United saw City relegated to League One.

City's defensive record of 45 goals conceded over the 46-game season was the second best in the division behind Crystal Palace.

However, they scored just 42 goals, the worst in the Championship and four less than S****horpe with the next lowest total.

Hume, who scored 11-goals, said: "If I said I was happy with 11 goals then I'd be lying because I've always set a goal of being as good, if not better than the previous season, and I finished with three less.

"I didn't score enough and I know all the other strikers would say the same.

"We haven't done the defence justice, and for us to do down with the second best defensive record in the league is a travesty.

"Our defenders were brilliant and gave us a real fighting chance of staying up but we could not produce in front of goal on a regular basis."

Hume apologised to City supporters, saying the players had "let a lot of people down".

He said: "As players, we are deeply, deeply sorry for the position we've put this club in but I can assure everyone that it wasn't on purpose.

"As far as I know, every player has given their all but we have got only ourselves to blame because we should have been safe weeks or even months ago.

"But we let it slip and were just not consistent enough as a team, and, as a result, people have the right to be frustrated and disappointed with us.

"We've let a lot of people down and we know that. For that we are truly sorry."

Speculation surrounding players' futures is bound to increase over the next few days but Hume vowed to play his part as City bid for an instant return to the Championship.

However, having played in the third tier for Tranmere before his move to the Walkers Stadium, he warned City have a "real fight on our hands" to win promotion.

Hume said: "There is bound to be a lot of speculation flying around over the next couple of months but I am a Leicester City player and am not looking to move.

"I know the chairman will want to put together a side which is capable of hitting the ground running come the start of next season because promotion has to be the aim.

"And I'd ask the fans, no matter how disappointed, to stick by us and help us get straight back up. Our supporters have been fantastic again and I feel for them at this time."

He added: "I have always given my heart and soul for this club, and relegation has hurt me as much as anybody.

"This great club doesn't deserve to be in the position that it now finds itself in but one thing I can guarantee the fans is that as players we will be doing everything in our power to get Leicester City back up to the Championship at the first attempt.

"This club is far too big for League One, and it is now a case of getting our heads straight over the summer before coming back and focusing on the job in hand.

"It is going to be tough but it is just a matter of finding that level of consistency which we've been lacking for the three seasons that I've been here. We need to get that right and knuckle down. From first-hand experience, I know we've got a real fight on our hands."

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There are two sides to this story for me:

1. Yes dropping down to League One may have a less than positive impact on his standard of play. But I would hesitate to say that it would be a definite decrease in his quality. Perhaps he will go on a prolific goal-scoring run at that level and that will in turn rejunvenate his confidence for Canada. I don't buy that dropping one division will automatically undo a player's progress. So lets hope for the best should he stay at LCFC.

2. Many of us have been lamenting the lack of "character" or leadership on our current squad. Yes we have bar none our most talented player pool to date, but we do seem to lack the integrity of a Jason DeVos or Randy Samuel as has been mentioned. We are looking for that elusive "x" factor - that is so Canadian in essence. I think, in terms of the current pool, there is no player who brings a greater intensity and passion than Iain Hume. This article is futher proof to that point. And I thik he is very capable of making a meaningful contribution to this WCQ cycle, as a skilled player and an energetic and loyal character. The man is a warrior, let him fight for us.

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Leicester City are very lucky to have this young man on their side. True class, true character, wonderful loyalty. And he ain't scared of nobody or nothing. He sounds like a true Canadian captain, sort of like an Iginla. Good on him.

We are blessed to have him, too.

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