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Artificial Turf dangerous?...


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While I am no fan of artificial turf I don't think that article is very informative. It only applies to some synthetic turf not all and it does not apply to FieldTurf. It appears to be a bigger problem with the carpet type of artificial turf than the sand/silicate filled FieldTurf.

Reinforced grass (http://www.dessosports.com/en/home.html) allows 3 times the use of regular grass. I'm surprised more teams don't try it.

If you want to read up on the subject there is a site that is not industry sponsored (grass or syth) www.synturf.org and their page on maintenance is what I found most interesting.

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quote:Originally posted by Bill Spiers

And "Field Turf" has this release to counter the possible adverse publicity:


quote:However, the NJDHSS stated that "high levels of lead" were found in the nylon turf fibers - old style, carpet-like fibers that are not even remotely similar to FieldTurf’s fibers.

Submitter = fail.

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