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Posted this under Montreal Impact section of this forum, thought it might go well here as well.

"Yeah. Saptuo plays his cards right and he is putting a lot of pressure on the MLS. Montreal has the whole package and is ready to go right now. Garber just has to say yes. The more he waits, the more he looks like a moron."

I agree and I think there is a place for a show of public support to add to this pressure. Anyone interested in setting up a supporters group such as the Sons of Ben did in Philly? Of course the key is to work with the existing support for the Impact and work with Toronto's RPB, U-sector and Voyageurs.

One the one hand, when Garber tipped his hat to the Sons of Ben at the Philly expansion announcement it is an issue of fulfilling his public duties. On the other hand, however, while there still is real competition between potential expansions cities such as St. Louis, Vegas, Portland, Miami, etc. a very vocal public support group might help tip the scales when all other factors are more or less equal.

I think it is worth putting the pressure on. Such as: "Garber, we expect to see an announcement for an expansion team in Montreal at half-time during Toronto FC's visit to Saputo stadium on May 27th."

Suggestions? Ideas? Est-ce que quel qu'un peut faire un traduction ici?

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Traduction Of the above:

Ceci vien de la section de se furom: Montreal Impact

"Bonne nouvelle, Saputo prend le taureaux par les cornes et a commencer à mettre de la pression sur le commissionaire de la MLS, Don Garber, pour faire une place à Montréal dans la MLS".

Je supporte se que Saputo fait et nous croyons qu'il existe un vide à manquer. Nous avons de prouver à la MLS qu'il existe à Montréal un Groupe de partisant prèt à supporter Saputo.Étes-vous interessé à commencer un groupe de supporter similaire au Sons of Ben qui ont permit à Philadelphie d'obtenir sa franchise? Moi oui!

Bien certainement la clé de notre réussite sera de travailler avec les groupe de supporter de l'impact, les Red patch boy's, U-Sector et le Voyageurs.

Il semblerait que Garber est été impressioné par le support des Sons of Bens et il leur a été fait éloge à mainte reprise lors de l'annoncement de l'équipe d'expension à Philadelphie.

Donc il semblerais que le choix de donné une équipe à Philadelphie est été fortement aidé par le groupe de partisant préétablie. Instaurer un groupe de supporter à Montreal pourrait faire pancher la balance en notre faveur contre des villes comme St Louis, Las Vegas, Portland, Miami, etc, qui sont aussi activement entrin d'essayer de se procurer une équipe.

Ça vaut la peine de mettre de la pression sur la MLS le plus tôt possible. Idéalement nous voudrions pouvoir dire à Garber: "Nous nous attendons à avoir une réponse sur l'intégration de l'impact dans la MlS le 27 mai pour le match entre TFC et l'impact".

Suggestion? Idée?

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quote:Originally posted by Calgary Boomer

It's not entirely up to Don Garber. It's up to MLSE to waive their Canadian exclusivity for next season. The clips I've heard from MLSE brass is that they would waive it, to help create a great rivalry.

So it's up to Garber... :)

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Guest speedmonk42

One thing that does work in Toronto is that there are several supporters groups.

They are all a little different, not just geographically in the stadium, but personality wise.

This is a good thing.

Let multiple groups form, and work together.

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I'm gonna get some flak for saying this, but I think that the fans in Montreal who are wanting a move to the MLS are going to start getting more vocal about it. The Sons of Ben are a great example of a group of fans that made their demands for a team in Philly very noticable to the rest of the league, and in my mind, the supporters in Montreal haven't really made themselves known. In fact, an observation was made to me that the soccer fans in Toronto have been more vocal for an MLS team in Montreal than the fans in Montreal itself.

I'm not wanting to sound disparaging, that's not the message I'm trying to convey, but I do think that the Impact fans are going to have to step things up to get the guys in charge to really start considering the Impact as a future MLS team.

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We'd always heard that the Impact ownership wasn't interested in MLS. Now that we've got a better idea of things, we are going to push it more in 2008. For some reason, there seems to be very little Montreal posters on soccer boards (although that's gone up lately), traditionaly a good base for gathering support.

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Well, we're getting our **** together to voice our support this season (I thought it was obvious from the posts in this thread).

You have to understand that 1) Saputo wasn't interested in the MLS until recently 2) we're still a USL-1 team with very low numbers of active supporters 3) the kind of people MLS will attract are not what you would call Impact fans.

So yeah, it's easy to say that you can see more TFC fans voicing their interest in a Montreal franchise than you see Montrealers. But hey... how many TFC fans knew about the Lynx? What do you expect? To see soccer moms, sponsors' guests and VIPs take Saputo Stadium by storm with a banner asking for an MLS franchise in Montreal?

Right now, in our own stadium, we're outnumbered 100 to 1 by people who don't give a ****. Everything we do is welcomed by a wall of uninterested stares. This is why we're working hard to make people realize that to get an MLS team, we need to support the Impact and we need to support it now. We've been working all winter to get people to join the Supporters' section or at least buy season tickets. The more we are, the easier we can do things and grow. Things are starting to pick up, thanks to that Gillett-Saputo partnership...

You guys over there in Toronto sometimes are disconnected from reality. We do not have your numbers. We can't bring 2000+ supporters on the road... filling one bus is complicated for us. Of course you see TFC fans all over the place supporting a possible MLS franchise in MTL. You guys are everywhere. In one week, you must see at least 15-20 different TFC fans, some you don't even know, talking about that. If you see people from Montreal talking about it, there's a great chance it's either me or Daniel...

You need a reality check man. You got a team out of the blue, people showed up, you've always had hundreds if not thousands of supporters actively supporting your team. Ask the U-Sector guys how the USL days were... it's just not the same.

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quote:Originally posted by Mpenza

You need a reality check man. You got a team out of the blue, people showed up, you've always had hundreds if not thousands of supporters actively supporting your team. Ask the U-Sector guys how the USL days were... it's just not the same.


Honestly, no one will care until the team is announced. Before then, it'll be the same small band of hardcore fans surrounded by disinterested soccer moms with their kids.

The banner idea demanding MLS in Montreal may be a good thing though, if implemented at the right time. Like, say, when a certain MLS side - along with hundreds of its supporters - visits Saputo Stadium in May...

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Cashcleaner, where were you when the Stynx, I mean Lynx were playing?

Until tickets for Toronto started selling in late 2006, I thought me and a select few of other die hard football fanatics were the only local footie supporters in the city.

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