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Mexico/Haiti pre and in-game thread

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Ref starting to blow a bit too much vs. the Haitians for my liking, thankfully the linesmen are still doing the job.

I just think that if Haiti scores that is it, done, as they won't get two, and Mexico is more likely to push more for theirs.

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quote:Originally posted by villus

I really don't see why you should have a huge problem if I posted that information. Just did'nt want people wondering why I'm cheering for more mexico goals.

Mexico gets another. I hope that Haiti does not just lay down now.

I don't care about you posting on bets, it is just none of anyone's concern in this thread. It is totally meaningless to me what you do with your money. And in fact one of the nice things about this board is that personal economies and money habits are mostly left out.

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