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Mexico/Haiti pre and in-game thread

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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by piltdownman

I'd be happy if it wasn't all crackly and fuzzy. It sounds like I'm listening though blown speakers.

My sound is good. Nice to think we are going to take down Hugo Sánchez, I am so proud of the boys. And we ensure Giovanni Dos Santos gets a good rest this summer, so I am happy all around.

Mexico looks to be tiring, and Haiti, if they were a bit more effective on the counter, getting the ball to the guy open (esp down the right wing) would have gotten a goal already.

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I think it's probably good if Mexico get a goal sometime in the second half. Mexico is going to get sloppy in the back and if they feel the result is out of reach, they might just concede two.

This is like the ultimate balancing act...yikes

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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Can anyone confirm that it's the USA vs. second-place from our group? We all assume this, but has anyone seen this written out?

Yea they finished top of the table by beating honduras yesterday with a penalty in 90+5 [xx(]

Sounds fishy to me, though i haven't seen the goal.

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quote:Originally posted by sstackho

Did they just show that the Haitian who got sent off plays for River Plate? Not too shabby.

Word has it he's either with the U19 team or now playing for the reserve side.

Haiti also has a player with the Boca Juniors academy.

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