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Canada-Guatemala U-23 pre/in-match thread

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quote:Originally posted by Paddy

Can someone update the math at this point.

Assuming the score line stands:

If Haiti ties Mexico, we are through.

If Mexico wins by 1 or 2, we are also through.

If Mexico wins by 4, we are out.

If Mexico wins 3-0, we will need to draw lots.

If Mexico wins by 3 with a score 4-1 or greater, we are out.

If Haiti wins we are out.

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quote:Originally posted by footballfreak

The math, as I understand it if this score holds, is:

Mexico wins by less than 3, Canada is through.

Mexico wins 3-0, drawing of lots.

Mexico wins by 4 or more, Canada is out.

Haiti wins, Canada is out.

Waiti ties, Canada is through.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

that would be correct

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