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Canada vs Haiti - March 14th 2008 - Torrents

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quote:Originally posted by orletafc

does anyone have a problem playing the file? Running Vista and for some reason QuickTime can't play the file even downloaded it twice. The Mexico file worked flawlessly. Running DivXviD and MKV files without trouble to

I had the same problem. Try Running it using VLC Media Player. Worked for me.

It wouldn't work with Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Media Center.

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VLC is the swiss army knife of the media player world and will play anything so is always good to have around. I encoded this at 3 AM and it looks like I picked the wrong container (avi instead of mp4) which would cause problems for sub-par players like QT or WMP.

As for the penis enlargement pills, that's nothing. Try watching Setanta or FSC and you'll be bombarded with male enhancement, erectile dysfunction and low budget infomercials. I guess soccer isn't yet capable of bringing in top level advertisers.

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