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Canadian stadiums used by the national team


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Why wouldn't they use the new national stadium for summer and then a field in Vancouver in the winter. Sure it would be wet and cold but it could be done and then we could see friendlies all year round. Our teams could use the games, too. I'm not sure if the question has been answered or not.I can only understand English.

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quote:Originally posted by psveindhoven

ik kan die topics niet vinden, volgens mij zijn ze verwijderd?

Nee je moet gewoon even zoeken want er zijn alweer zoveel nieuwe gekomen en dat betekent dat de jouwe naar beneden is gegaan.


Dus geen topics meer openen a.u.b

He has opened 3 different topics about this subject so I've told him he can find his answers in the other one(s) he opened....:D

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