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Antigua start preparing for WCQ


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Look how many games Antigua are playing in the lead up to WCQ. Granted, they start in February, but that's some good prep.

http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/showpost.php?p=13506201&postcount=99 (thanks again to Jonny63)

Antigua & Barbuda friendlies :

26 Dec or 1 Jan home against Grenada, to be confirmed

13 Jan away against Barbados

18 Jan home against Puerto Rico , to be confirmed

20 Jan Home against Guadeloupe

After 20 Jan home against Guyana


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Fair enough, but we could argue that if we have the money and the will, we could organize a similar stretch of games next summer between the Prelim. and SF rounds. If the European based players are willing to give up their summer break, it is an option.

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Our boys might not need that many games this summer between the Preliminary round and Semi Finals but JPG is right...the CSA needs to make it a priority to schedule at least 2 or 3 matches against quality opposition from CONCACAF so that the team can come together and do a little bonding.

of course, it's not likely to happen....because the CSA has no money...BTW, anyone have an idea of how much the CSA spends on its AGM and the various meetings and junkets where board members fly to and spend significant sums of $$$. Maybe some of that budget can be allocated to the NT budgets so our teams can be prepared for WCQ. As I've mentioned before, qualifying for the WC = $10 million in CSA coffers so, if I am the CSA, I am putting all my eggs in that basket.

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