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Frank Ribery to play for Canada?

Mr. Knowitall

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Hey guys, I just read on wikipedia that Frank Ribery is going to play for Canada. But the FIFA rules won't allow it because he has been capped by France. Even though Ribery has heard of Canada.

Too bad. Why doesn't FIFA just chill out. Our starting eleven would be awesome:

1.Daniel Fernandes

2. Jack Stewart 3. Steven Vitoria

4. Fernando Aguiar 5. Marco Bras

6. Nsaliwa

7. Jonathan De Guzman 8. Frank Ribery

9. Owen Hargreaves

10. Danny Dichio 11. Andy Williams

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No , Frank Ribery is the twin brother of the Munich player Franck Ribery.

Mr.Knowitnotall has some bad source. Unlinke Franck , Frank hasnt been capped by France.

The door is wide open.. just a matter of waiting for someone to capitalize on the situation [8)]

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