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Moncton getting 18,000-seat stadium ?


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from- http://www.hfxnews.ca/index.cfm?sid=85755&sc=93

"What are you, Mr. Mayor?

Concert promoter? TV host? What I want is a true leader and man of action


The Daily News

Will Peter Kelly tell us who he is?

He seems to be a concert promoter and doing a poor job at that. He is now a TV host on EastLink.

I want him to be a mayor fighting for this city. I want less talk and more action.

I want Kelly to lead in getting sports infrastructure, in getting a stadium suitable for everything from major concerts to hosting big-time soccer to a potential CFL team.

But all we're seeing is a man who is not leading in getting sports dollars here, but seems to be a media-sucking, self-promoting, self-serving, egotistical and electioneering politician interested in holding one darn concert.

I happen to see Halifax as an energetic, exciting and fast-growing city. This place is the economic, educational and industrial crown jewel of the Maritimes, leading in just about every meaningful category from restaurants to bars to cultural events.

But we're lacking in sports infrastructure and a sports identity, and the leading citizen is doing nothing, absolutely nothing about it.

It really hit me last week when millions of Canadians watched the Grey Cup and the hoopla, pre- and post-game. What dollar value do you put on Saskatchewan and its Grey Cup antics?

'Riders fans in the streets of Toronto spending money, green shirts all over the place. Here, there and everywhere, it was Saskatchewan all the time. Heck, these 'Riders lovers were out greeting the team in a -33 C wind chill. That's called spirit.

So if Regina can do it, why can't Halifax? Many of us think we can, but are stalled with lacklustre leadership at the municipal level.

I spent one year in the desert of the Prairie provinces, and let me tell you, it's not a great place. Regina is not a great city, yet they have so much pride in the 'Riders. In fact, I'm willing to bet that most Canadians who haven't travelled much can only name one commodity in Saskatchewan, and that's the Roughriders.

What else is there? Wheat?

But Halifax, when it comes to infrastructure, is a backwater. What has Kelly done about it in his two terms as mayor? Instead of being in the news crying about Celine Dion, he should have been attending Grey Cup festivities envisioning this city, his city, doing the same.

When I see concert news dealing with Moncton, I see Ian Fowler, their equivalent to Fearless Fred MacGillivray. I don't see the mayor.

I am told the feds have infrastructure dollars for everything from roads to sports facilities, but it takes the municipal government to put it on their order papers and go for it.

Why haven't you led the charge in council, sir, for sports dollars? Why have you done so little?

I can't recall, in your time as mayor, a single council debate on getting our fair share from the billions Ottawa has. No, all we seem to get is meetings of cats and dogs and concerts. What stellar leadership.

To those nattering nabobs of negativism I say, if the CFL is so bad, then how come Quebec City and Moncton want in? There's going to be a municipal election in Quebec City, and one of the candidates has already stated that if he gets to be mayor, he wants to go after a stadium and CFL team.

What does he know that Kelly doesn't?

In Moncton, they are ahead of anyone else. It started with a 10,000-seat stadium that is now 18,000 and rising.

Last weekend, Moncton mayor Lorne Mitton and his entourage were - where else? - at the Grey Cup talking to new commissioner Mark Cohon and chatting up the federal ministers.

Where were we? Where have we been?

Mr. Mayor, stop following Moncton. Either lead, or get the heck out of the way.


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Guest HamiltonSteelers

I'm sorry, I'm in disbelief.

This is Moncton, right? Moncton, New Brunswick?

Surreal. If they can get this to happen, then all credit to them.

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I've found info online that speaks of a 10,000 capacity stadium being built on campus, but beyond this article, I don't see anything about 18,000. Can anyone elaborate about the increase in size and the reasoning behind it? I know it's being built with a big track and field event in mind, but this size seems to suggest a strong push for a CFL team.


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Theres two problems with Halifax. #1 The large and vocal amount of particularly (old) people that oppose any type of development for heritage purposes because they want to pretend its still 1905 and #2 stupid mayor Peter Kelly and dumbass Rodney Macdonald the worst premier in the history of NS.

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from- http://timestranscript.canadaeast.com/news/article/168347

"Additional stadium cash on way

Premier to announce more funding in new year for 2010 world track event

By Mary Moszynski

Times & Transcript Staff

Published Friday December 28th, 2007

Appeared on page A1

The provincial government is poised to commit additional money towards the new stadium for Moncton as the city prepares to host the 2010 World Junior Track and Field Championships.

In a year-end interview, Premier Shawn Graham said his province recognizes the importance of the event being hosted by Moncton and is prepared to contribute additional investments in the project.

Graham, a former track runner, wouldn't expand on the details of the announcement, saying residents would have to wait until the New Year to hear how significant the province's contribution will be.

"We've made necessary investments in the new stadium," said Graham. "In the New Year we're going to be announcing increased participation in this project, as well, that Mayor (Lorne) Mitton and his council have approached us in making the project stronger."

Last year the former Conservative provincial government committed $5 million towards the project, of which $3.5 million is for capital costs, while the federal government promised $6 million.

Mitton wouldn't pre-empt Graham's announcement by revealing any details of what the city has asked the province to contribute. However, he said any investment from the province towards such a significant event is good news.

"This would be something to help us enhance the project a little better and we're looking forward to the news from him," said Mitton.

Ian Fowler, the city's director of community development, said he has a pretty good idea of what the provincial government is planning, but will leave the details of the announcement to the premier to make at a later date.

However, he said any indication the province is prepared to step forward and provide additional assistance is welcomed.

"Premier Graham is very supportive of this event and what it means to not just New Brunswick but also the Maritimes and the growth of sport tourism and the growth of the image of New Brunswick," said Fowler. "He's been supportive from the initial get-go of this project."

The city is in the process of the final design stage and it's expected the project will go to tender in January or February, he said.

"We're certainly playing with construction figures that are two years later than we originally started but we haven't tendered yet."

The 10,000-seat, $13-million stadium on the Université de Moncton campus is scheduled to be completed by spring 2009.

The IAAF games will be by far the largest event Metro Moncton has ever hosted, drawing more than 1,500 athletes from around the world. It will also be the largest athletic event ever to be held in Atlantic Canada and will spill beyond the boundaries of the City of Moncton as more than 1,500 athletes will participate.

Moncton had initially bid to host the 2008 games. In March, 2006, the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) awarded that bid to Bydgoszcz, Poland. However the delegates were so impressed with Moncton's bid the city was awarded the 2010 games."

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