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Show 52: Gearing Up for South Africa


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Show 52 (download) of the Canuck Report, official podcast of the Voyageurs, has been released.

Canada's national team is taking on South Africa for an international friendly on November 20th. We set up a panel Sunday night to preview this game from all angles.

You'll notice that we didn't give our predictions for the game, but never fear. If all goes well our predictions will appear on tonights "Call of the Day."

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  • Kartik Krishnaiyer from Major League Soccer Talk on the US vs South Africa friendly
  • Max Bell and Dino Rossi on the Canadian squad
  • Dale Mitchel called 17 players, is that not a little low?
  • Who was the surprise player called?
  • David Edgar, Jaime Peters, and Asmir Begovic are missing, are we surprised their former coach didn't give one of them a call?
  • Has Lars Hirschfeld won the number one spot in net?
  • Should Kenny Stamatopoulos be given a half
  • Marcel de Jong, does he play in the midfield or in left back? Is he a starter?
  • Should Richard Hastings continue playing at Center Back?
  • Should Paul Stalteri wear the armband or should Kevin McKenna pick it back up?
  • Tam Nsaliwa, will we miss him and how much longer can we wait for him to return?
  • Will Dale Mitchel use the 4-5-1?
  • Who replaces Dwayne de Rossario?
  • Is Tomasz Radzinski still able to play for Canada?
  • Is it too early to make perdictions on World Cup Qualifying?
  • Roger's Sportsnet, more then expected?

Feedback? Post it here or phone the Canuck Report's voicemail: 1-206-350-5294

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listened to this one - first time for me (sound card issues on a soone to be replaced PC). Enjoyed the show (shoe? lol). Liked the relaxed format. But an earlier comment made about pronunciation of the players names is something that jumped out at me. De Jong and Simeon were mispronounced (although VPjr got De Jong right). Given the show's focus, I think that this needs to be tightened up. That said, as soon as I get the new PC, I will subscribe because I really enjoyed the listen.


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quote:Originally posted by Gordon

Given the show's focus, I think that this needs to be tightened up.

Oh absolutely. I said De Jong the way I did because I thought that was the SCF pronounced it, perhaps I am remembering wrong, I will check up on that. And do you (or anyone) know if Nigel Read pronounced Simeon Jackson name correctly during the Under-20 World Cup? If he did I'll just go have a listen to that... Anyways, glad you enjoyed the show.

quote:thank you Jamit, i enjoy your show

Glad to hear it!

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Couldn't agree more about the pronouciations. I admit to slipping up on Gerba and De Jong on the show.

I think we need to have an official Canadian players pronounciation post where we spell all the diificult ones out phonetically.

For me, its a result of only ever reading about these players on the internet, so we never actually get to hear their names. I do apologize.

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