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An inside look at running the Toronto Lynx


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I did both a review and a search and found nothing, however if this is old news the mods can delete it or I can.

It is a link to the Tax Court of Canada, to a decision/judgement against Bruno Hartrell. Because it's a judgement, it's a public document. The link is below.

Basically what's at play here is that the corporation that owned and operated the Lynx didn't turn in to the government the money it withheld from employees for employment years 1998 and 1999. Look at your pay stubbs, this would be income tax, cpp and EI. So Revenue Canada hit Hartrell with a tax bill (so it appears) saying he was personally liable for these amounts because he was a director of the corporation (in full for 1998; partially for 1999). Hartrell appealled claiming he was not a director of the corporation. However the court's didn't believe Hartrell, and he was deemed to be a "de-facto" director of the parent corporation. It's all explained in the decision.

Hartrell's appeal was heard on May 15, 2006, at Toronto, Ontario, Docket: 2002-281(IT)G Tax Court of Canada


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