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Now that were one, lets take our sport back!!!


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The fans are together, there is unity among the majority of Canadian soccer fans.It is one of the most positive results to come out of the CSA tenure of greed and incompetency.

The CSA exposed themselves.

The CSA incompetence is clear to all.

The CSA demonstrates clearly they dont have the skills to run the organization.

The CSA selfish and greedy ones are slowly begrudgingly being dragged out the door.

Pipe is gone.

Pellerud still clings to his diminishing reputation and laurels.

The remaining Canadian women prove they just dont have the character or skill.

The Voyageurs prove that they have more business acumen than the CSA with black tshirts raking in more revenue and spirit than the CSA created in 20 years.(I will allow the revenue isnt quite there yet)

Excellent business and revenue ideas presented daily on this board none of which the CSA could even think about never mind implement.

Linford exposes he doesnt know how to do the job and then exposes the board doesnt either and can not be trusted.

Nykamp shows them all how to make money even if it is in a lawsuit.

Most of the big print media are printing Canadian soccer stories fortunately most are asking how the CSA is still breathing.

MLSE demonstrate what the business of sport and professionalism should look like.

MLSE holds up the mirror for the CSA and the CSA melts.

The disturbing financial picture is exposed by the CSA lack of transparency and constant misreporting to the public and the press.

Most of the above a tiny minority here presented and most of you dismissed or debated at one time or another.Now it is the CSA that forces us to become what we should of been all along and from now on,one strong union together in spirit and mind otherwise this outcome will be repeated.

As Pellerud and CSA board members falsely distance them self from the incompetent and guilty and change their mask to appear as innocent and are more than willing now to take credit and appear sagacious. These are the people who ask us to support them now. Let's tell these people to admit they were part of the debacle and move on.

We can not allow the weak, selfish and incompetent to replace the weak, selfish and incompetent we need to take back our sport.Stand as one and demand for the entire system to be removed and everyone currently in place to be removed.

The opportunity exists right now to get our sport back now.

I agree Sack the CSA!

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If anyone on the V's board is interested in taking part in an Open Forum to discuss Canadian Soccer Reform and how to improve Elite Player Development, you'll want to read the email below that was distributed today:

ON Soccer is publishing a Special Edition to pass along this important message from Flynn Beharry of the North York Hearts Soccer Club...

Calling All Soccer Enthusiasts


To those who have been following the debacle at the CSA, it is obvious that there is a crisis at the pinnacle of soccer in this country. The question is, are the problems which ails our beloved game only at the pinnacle of the pyramid? If we are honest with ourselves, the answer is a resounding "NO". Over the last month there has been no shortage of diverse opinions over the electronic media. A revolution/evolution is brewing across the country, so now is the time for us to express ours:

- We are over-governed, notwithstanding that the wrong leadership does the governing

- We spend far too much time attending to administrative work rather than to the game itself

- There are too many layers of bureaucracy, with each using the Clubs as their whipping boy

- Runaway leagues with little or no oversight over the overwhelming punitive measures administered to Clubs

- A broken system which concentrates too much on "winning" instead of "player development".

- Clubs being forced to spend too much money on frivolous items which have nothing to do with "player development". This money can be better spent hiring qualified coaches.

- Dealing with too many egotistical parents and coaches who are preoccupied with the winning at all costs phenomenon

- Constantly rebuilding teams and replacing coaches because of the malaise in the current system

- Clubs doing all the work but never getting our just dues. We have no leverage or control of our destiny

- This country has a vast amount of wealth and talent, yet we continue to perform dismally on the world scene

What can we do?

- Clubs are the ones who have the power. We need to ensure that we have a stronger voice and a major stake in the development process of our players

- Get rid of the layers of bureaucracy. A more simplified Administrative Structure

- Create a new soccer structure geared towards a "true" player development system at the grass roots level

- Create a National Standard for having a Club, with continuity dependent on the adherence to the National Standards.

- National professional standards for coaches. Only these coaches can be employed by Clubs

- The new Club structure and competition for the teams can be discussed at the forum

We invite you to attend an open forum to discuss how we can collectively initiate a restructuring of the system. Remember, we control the purse strings. Collectively, if we withhold or re-direct these funds, the layers of unneeded bureaucracy can be eliminated without much of a struggle.

Now is the time to get involved. Staying in the halls of darkness and forever complaining will change nothing. It will only give you more of the same.


Date of Proposed Forum: Tuesday October 23rd @ 7:30 pm

Location: This will be emailed to you, depending on the number of RSVP'S

Please RSVP your desire to attend to the attention of :

FLYNN BEHARRY : info@heartssoccer.com

If you have something to offer idea-wise or just want to come and listen, please send an RSVP to Flynn Beharry. I'll be there...I'm hoping Media Guy will be able to make it as well. I hope to see some of you there.

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