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Halo'ween comes early to Ottawa


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quote:Originally posted by Jamit

Fresh from the homepage:


^Click^ I'm sure Cheeta would love feedback and ideas for more, so post both here.

Love it! I wonder, too, if others might be willing to sumbit art from time to time. [Not me: I've not the talent].

And, if you've not done so lately--Jamit, Cheeta et al.--check out Slate's home page. They have a link to all of the political cartoons they've gathered, and I hope we can store our art in a similar, accessible way. One of the downsides of the homepage is that as new material gets posted, other still valuable articles slip off.

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Funny, but the text with the hyphens is a bit hard to read right away.

Yeah, the stupid site wouldn't allow me to post an image any larger then what is up. I'll upload a larger image to an external site in a bit.

Having an archive of V's art on the homepage is a great idea. But right now I don't have the power to set that up...

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