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Another call for BLACK!

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Starting next week the national club championships take place at various locations across the country. It will mark a perfect opportunity for us to spread the word that CSA reform is needed.

If you can, take some time to head out to one of the sites over the next week and WEAR BLACK! Interact with people and tell them about our efforts and why they are needed.

If you have a T-Shirt from us, wear that. Otherwise just wear a black t-shirt. If you can get enough people, let the local media know what you are up to. Tell them that they can contact Dino of myself if they want more information on the movement -- call me at 905-650-7764 to set up an interview.

These events are usually attended by members of the CSA executive and board and provincial representatives--make sure they see you. Be polite if you deal with them, but make sure you leave no doubt about where you stand--ask them why they aren't wearing black....

Locations are:

U-14 Boys and Girls - St. John's, NL

U-16 Boys and Girls - Sherwood Park (Edmonton), AB

U-18 Boys and Girls - Fredericton, NB

Men and Women - Halifax, NS

Western Masters - Winnipeg, MB

Eastern Masters - Charlottetown, PE

In most cases, games begin next Wednesday, October 3. However, The Masters competitions may not start until Friday, October 5th. All finals are scheduled for Thanksgiving Monday.

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Thanks for posting this MediaGuy.

I believe that it's critical that all supporters who feel strongly in favour of CSA reform take advantage of the opportunity to keep the pressure on the CSA. This might be the last public opportunity for a while so it would be a shame to not take advantage, at least in some of the 6 locations.

Plese be sure to avoid being beligerant because, at the end of the day, these events are for the kids and we should respect their chance to compete for a national championship. That's why the black T-shirts are useful. They are the perfect form of non-verbal protest. I have quite a few T-shirts left and would be willing to pay the extra cost for Expresspost to make sure that the shirts arrive to you before next weekend if you want to show up with your Sack the CSA shirt. You can be sure it will get attention and that's what we need. We need create awareness from coast to coast, from the grassroots level on up.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please email MediaGuy or myself.

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