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Technical Director wanted - new position


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I've posted this job opportunity here for the sole purpose of monitoring how the US Youth Soccer Association approaches the task that our association might embark upon.

If the mods, or general consensus feels this post belongs elsewhere, so be it.... I parked it here for reference and discussion purposes.

US Youth Soccer Seeks Technical Director


This newly created position will be the head of the US Youth Soccer Technical and Coaching Education Department and will be responsible for the systematic implementation of player development and coaching education programs to improve the overall standard of play within the United States. The Technical Director will evaluate, modify and implement player development and coaching education programs to meet the specific and varied demands of all US Youth Soccer participants and provide unparallelled service for the enhancement of these programs at the club, league, State Association, regional and national levels.

The responsibilities of the Technical Director will include, but are not limited to:

1. Providing leadership in the development of the US Youth Soccer p layer development and coaching education programs

2. Establishing and comunicating long- and short-term seasonal and yearly objectives for specific age groups

3. Creating, implementing and communicating player development paths

4. Coordinating and designing player development programs across multi-level organization

5. Implementing the national coaching education plan to meet the needs of US Youth Soccer members and providing consistency at all levels

The preferred candidate must have a USSF "A" and a USSF National Youth license. Candidates should have extensive domestic and international coaching experience. The succesful candidate will have clearly demonstrated ability to develop both coaches and players through proper environments and the development of a positive culture that enhances these processes. This person should be highly self-motivated and able to motivate others. This person must have strong leadership skills and the ability to interact and succeed in implementing a national plan across multiple levels.

Please submit resume and references as follows: Jim Cosgrove, Executive Director, US Youth Soccer, 9220 World Cup Way, Frisco, TX 75034. E-mail address: jcosgrove@usyouthsoccer.org mailto:jcosgrove@usyouthsoccer.org

Application deadline is Monday, October 1, 2007 at 5 p.m. (Central time).

The actual link for the position of TD is here:

apply here

What is US Youth Soccer:



For the sake of comparison and discussion this forum looks as good a home for this topic as any to me.



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