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Edu to Aston Villa on loan?


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Yeah, it was originally mentioned in a Sportsnet article. Both Edu and Wynne are rumoured to be going on loan at Villa. There's also talk of Wigan being interested as well.

** I looked on RSN.ca and BS where i posted the info. and can't find it (i forget which thread i posted it in).

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On the subject of Edu, re: the Expansion Draft. He's a Generation Adidas player, so therefore he's on the Development Roster.

As far as i understand the rules, he doesn't need to be protected since Development Roster players are ineligible to be selected in the Expansion Draft.

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Developmental roster players can be drafted (but must go on the drafting team's senior roster)-e.g. Rod Dyachenko by TFC

However Generation Adidas players are exempt form the draft.

If Edu is still designated as a Generation Adidas player then he would be exempt from the draft.

The MLS competition committee decides each year which players will lose their Generation Adidas


e.g. Marvell Wynne lost his GA status after one year. Seth Trembly, now with the Impact, maintained his exempt status for 4-5 years.

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quote:Originally posted by MM2

MLS has frequently sent young players to England for two to four week training periods during the off-season. This might be what Edu and Wynne are being considered for, not technically a loan.

Yeah. Unless they're destined for a season in the reserves. Which honestly, might be just what the doctor ordered.

Edu has been inconsistent but all in all TFC's most promising player. And if he isn't TFC's most promising player it's because Wynne is. Personally for both men I think if the opportunity presents itself this is a move they have to make and make it now. This year. Sorry to say it but I think MLS and especially TFC are holding back their development and somehow that just doesn't seem fair.

Smashing young men. On and off the field.

Pity they're both Yanks.

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Toronto FC players fight for jobs



Globe and Mail Update

September 26, 2007 at 10:02 AM EDT

TORONTO — After Toronto FC lost 2-1 to the Columbus Crew on Saturday, head coach Mo Johnston made another reference to players fighting for jobs for next year in the club's final five games of the Major League Soccer season.

"They're playing for their jersey, each and every one of them," he said.

Perhaps, but for some TFC players the jersey for next season fits a little more securely than for others.

When Johnston was asked Tuesday about contracts that were guaranteed for next season, he said there weren't many.

"When I was trying to build this, the ones I looked to keep were (Ronnie) O'Brien, (Danny) Dichio, (Carl) Robinson, (Jim) Brennan, they're the ones who are secure," he said yesterday after training at BMO Field. "The rest are all fighting for spots."

Of course, then there are the 21-year-olds midfielder Maurice Edu, a rookie, and defender Marvell Wynne, a second-year player, who figure in the club's plans.

"Maurice Edu is locked in, Marvell is locked in," Johnston said. "They're Generation adidas (a category of young players in the MLS)."

A couple of weeks ago when the MLS trade deadline approached, Johnston was asked frequently about those two because other clubs thought there might be some panic as Toronto struggled.

"They aren't going anywhere," he said. "They love it here and I love having them here. They're my draft picks (Wynne when Johnston was in New York in 2006 and Edu this year after Johnston joined Toronto).

Johnston said that an MLS team has an option for the next year on players without guaranteed contracts.

In a case like that, a team can decline to pick up the option but still keep the player by negotiating a lower salary in the case of a player who is judged to have under-performed. That situation would make for a better fit under the league's salary cap.

"There'll be a lot of guys coming back, but maybe at a different number," Johnston said. "It's all about taking caring of your dollars."

Both Wynne and Edu have attracted the attention of some coaches in the English Premier League. "A lot of teams have asked," Johnston said. "It's not going on loan. It's going over there and training for two or three weeks. Seeing what it's like. Like we did in New York, we sent four kids in New York to Sunderland. They were training with Premiership players."

They also had a chance to observe Premiership games.

"That's what I want to do with these guys," Johnston said. ""I think it's important that you keep growing. As a coach, when I go over there I want to see how the best coaches are coaching. I want to see what they're doing better."

There are other aspects of the game he also wants to explore. "When Aston Villa was here I was intrigued by a couple of little different things that they had," he said, " so I'm going back over there, I want to see how that can improve my team. There's a lot of things to look at."

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I hate to tell Mo he's wrong about his own player, but if Wynne was a GenAd player then he'd be on the development roster and as far i know he hasn't been on the dev roster all season.


Recent past Generation adidas products include Marvell Wynne, the No. 1 pick in the 2006 MLS SuperDraft, 2006 Rookie of the Year finalist Sacha Kljestan, and the 2004 and 2005 Gatorade Rookies of the Year, Clint Dempsey and Michael Parkhurst.


Most of the difference between the two totals is based on additional payments related to Marvell Wynne's old Generation Adidas deal. He will cost TFC the full $US 150k against the cap next season. In a similar vein Maurice Edu is currently counted as a development roster player as part of Generation Adidas but will eventually have to be moved to the senior roster, if as seems likely he remains in the starting lineup.

So Wynne is no longer a Dev player, but the full cost of his salary is still defered. Maybe this is something that needs to be clarified?

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