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Violent Firms


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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Russia and Poland are two other countries (in Europe) that have rather 'harsh' soccer environments.

The Czech Republic has its issues as well. There is violence outside of the grounds, heavy police presence for away supporters. Actually, there is talk that next year there will be no police presence at the grounds... just stewards. Awful decision if it happens...

What's the logic behind that decision? Are the police part of the problem (like in Rome)?

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quote:Originally posted by River City

From PortugueseSoccer.com

The No Name (Benfica) and Red Boys (Braga) clashed after the match on Saturday night. Injured supporters were taken to Hospital S. Marcos.

Crazy fans are everywhere. Netherlands I think are also pretty bad.

Holland is not so bad...

My fellow Feyenoord fans have scared everyone away..:D Only ADO Den Haag have a decent sort of firm and possibly on a good day FC Twente and FC Utrecht as well.

But even if you combine them all together they cant even get close to our Feyenoord firm.

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quote:Originally posted by Trillium

Did anyone catch the Score last night at midnight i think about the various fan supporters clubs in the former yugoslavia ..pretty interesting stuff....

Was it The Real Football Factories that they showed? This is a show about all the various hooligan groups throughout the world and the episodes are all on youtube:The Real Football Factories

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Back in 2003 while in Brazil, I was once invited to attend a game between Santos and Corinthians in Santos. The invitation was thru a Corinthians fan. The Santos stadium only holds about 18,000 and is only about 70km from Sao Paulo. I was told that I should only take a little money and wear simple T-shirt and shorts with no jewelry nor a watch. Upon hearing that, I have to admit I bailed. The real football factories episode on the Gavioes de Fiel gives you a sense of why that was a good idea:

Incidentally, the Samba School link to gangs is not unique in Sao Paulo. It's kind of funny because tourists go to these places during Carnival without knowing who is taking their money.

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