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Help Save Ben Knight's column


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Folks....we need to take our attention off the CSA for a minute to fight another fight.

Word has leaked to me that Sporstnet.ca, in their infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), are seriously considering the cancellaton of Ben Knight's weekly column because he's not an on-air talent. They want to only promote the blogs and columns of their generally boring on air personalities. That means more of Gerry Dobson sucking up to the CSA. Ben has been a loud voice for our cause. He's the fan in the pressbox. We must do whatever we can to help him.

Please send your emails to: feedback@sportsnet.rogers.com


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quote:Originally posted by VPjr

Did you hear that Ben.....you're gonna need to get a haircut, buy a velour blazer, $300 jeans and start getting manicures because we want you ON AIR. You can't go on air at sportsnet unless you are a hipster,

Sportsnet also has a requirement that you have to have a very bad hair piece...

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