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ATTN: lurking players

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Shot in the dark, but...

If you are sick of the way the CSA does business and would like to lend your voice--your very important and potentially vital voice--to the cause of those of us that are dedicated to bring change to the CSA (and who are starting to feel mightily empowered), please contact us.

Off-the-record, at first, but ultimately we would love to have a few players' voices in our message.

As a bit of background, since we started our efforts we have been featured on CBC radio one, the Fan 590 Toronto, the Team 990 Montreal, the Toronto Star, Sportsnet.ca, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, Winnipeg Free Press and the New York Times (!). Additionally, we were mentioned in a Canadian Press article that appeared in articles across the country.

We're serious. And, we are being taken seriously. Your voice would help us be taken even more seriously.

Contact me at dgrollins (@) gmail, or call my cell -- 905-650-7764. If you are in Europe, e-mail me with a phone number and I'll be happy to contact you.

We've got them on the run. We need to keep the pressure up until they change their ways, or get out of the way.

MODS--Any way this could be stickied for a couple weeks?

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quote:Originally posted by VPjr

Media Guy...Excellent Thread.

Players, we really do need you. We know some of you stop in from time to time. If you have any interest in helping, please contact MediaGuy.

why limited to players why not coaches, clubs, that are involved with either associations.

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quote:Originally posted by JB_Tito

I have a felling many people simply don't know what is going on in CSA.

We should somehow educate coaches and parents in our clubs about CSA incompetence.

Hopefully we will succeed in our push for better tomorrow.


Ok then a good start to what is going on at the CSA is to form a Union for the Players, Referees, and Coaches, that will wake up the CSA.

If europe and many other countries have these union why not here.

Lets see the Players Union could be PUFC, the Refs can be RUFC, and the coaches can be CUFC.

NO players no CSA, No referees no games, etc etc,,,,then we can be a voice.

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What we need in this country is a parallel to what Australia did about 5 or 6 years ago and that is to totally redo the soccer system in this country. What we have is a system that is out of date at best and totally redundant at worst.

Why do we have a system that teaches our National Teams to kick and run when that system went out with the middle (1908's) ages?

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Didn't Australia take the leap when they decided to start from scratch with several sports, like swimming and basketball, and did it through central control at the national government level?

I'm asking because I don't know and I seem to recall something like this before their Olympic Games.

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