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Young Canadian player in Italy


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I see on list that i have of players that are in italy this moment. There is a mention that a player with a CP is currently in Italy and has apparently or was with F.C. CATANZARO S.P.A. club during the summer and has been signed, but not confirmed by the web site. His name is Mathew Macri has the age of 17 or 18. Does anyone know of this person hopefuly not a forgotten one like Roberto Stillo goaltender of Genova youth team.

Apprently played here in Ontario with Erin Mills and traveld to brazil for a Under 14 a while ago. Played in the OYSL this past year,,,, thats all i can find...anyone else.

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quote:Originally posted by jpg75

He was selected for an OSA U14 camp back in 2003


He shows on the list of transfers from the Genova Int. School of Soccer


Has been look by the CSA or had any trials with them.....in the past or has been overlooked?

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