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Kevin Pipe update


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On Oct. 1 it will be 11 months since Kevan Pipe, former CEO of the Canadian Soccer Association, was forced out of his job by some volunteer yahoos on the executive board. It also happens to be Pipe's 55th birthday on that day. If those yahoos thought that he would be lost, they were badly mistaken.

"I'm really busy," Pipe said the other day. "I opened my own business called Kevan Pipe Sports Consulting with offices in Montreal and Toronto. I'm also consulting with CONCACAF and I'm a member of FIFA's Referees Committee.

"You can say that I'm busy largely with international soccer."

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The CSA should hire him as a consultant.

Problem with the CSA is it's run by "volunteer yahoos". That is so last century. We need volunteer googles. Hey, the voices in my head laughed.

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quote:Originally posted by ag futbol

I don't understand how taking someone with little soccer specific experience, letting them run the CSA in miserable fashion for a long time then walk away, suddenly makes them a qualified source for advice.

If we want consultants, let's start with someone who ran a successful FA.

Not that uncommon. Remember Michael Brown, former director of FEMA. No sooner was he driven out of his high paying job for his incompetent handling of the Katrina hurricane disaster relief effort when he reappears as a consultant of disaster preparedness.

Bush "Brownie you're doing a heck of a job"

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