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Interesting Story--Cheating at the World Cup?


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In today's (September 14, 2007)Winnipeg Free Press in an article on cheating in sports by Randy Turner calles "Spyin' and lyin' in sports" along with the half a million dollar fine to Bill Belichick of the Patriots and the 100 million dollar fine to Formula One Racing's McLaren is the following:

"Yet another homage to The Spy Who Screwed Me comes from the women's World Cup of Soccer, where Denmark team officials found two men with video cameras sitting behind a two-way mirror in the hotel conference room where the Danes were about to discuss team strategy for an upcoming game with host China."

Has anyone else heard about this? If true would fifa take any action? Would that action be taking the win away from China? Would they have the guts to do that? Fifa can be heavy handed sometimes, but this is CHINA and they don't want to upset a market as big as that.

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