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Let's go to the World Cup ! With who ?

Bxl Boy

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If the World Cup would begin tomorrow, which players would you select ? (23, including 3 goalkeepers)

Here is my selection of 23 :

Goalkeepers : Hirschfeld, Onstad, Stamatopoulos

Defenders : Stalteri, McKenna, Hainault, Klukowski, Jazic, Pozniak, Hastings

Midfielders : De Guzman, Bernier, Hutchinson, Hume, Serioux, Nash, Brennan, Peters

Forwards : Gerba, Occean, Friend, Radzinski, De Rosario

Main absents : Edgar, Nakajima, Sutton, Braz, Reda, Imhof (and Nsaliwa, if available, would replace Pozniak or Hastings)

Choosing my starting-11 is a much more difficult exercise :D

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My selection of 23:








GK: Wagenaar - Begovic

D: Jazic - DeVos - Hainault

D/M: Serioux

M: Imhof - Nakajima

M/S: Hume

S: Gerba - Friend


GK: I am quite convinced that Lars is of superior quality to any of Sutton, Onstad, Stama. Frankly, I don't ever see them being a shining number one for us. So I bring Lars to start and Josh and Asmir for the experience as I think they will grow into better keepers than any of the MLS boys.

D: That starting four have all proven their quality and I presume that Nsaliwa is only getting better as he spends time at AEK. I would LOVE to have JDV in the squad for his leadership and his aerial threat. Jazic is a great left-back, but I do think Brennan is just a bit better. Hainault is ahead of Hastings and Poz for me. Klukowski is quality, but having Brennan, Stalteri and Jazic at wing-back rules him out of this squad.

M: Wow. Best midfield we have ever had, no questions asked. Now imagine Hargreaves and JDG 2 in that batch. I didn't include Jonothan because I feel it is unlikely he will chose to play for us (sad, I know). If he did, he would take Nakajima's spot on the squad and probably Radz's spot in the starting XI. Imhof and Serioux are subs for Bernier or Hutch, but only if necessary. Whereas Hume, as I see it, is our super-sub. Somebody who can come on and change the pace and quality of the attack (see GC vs USA for reference) and should be brought on for plenty of miuntes on a regular basis. He is a better finisher than any of our three "strikers".

S: Occean starts because he has the size of a target man and better skils than Ali or Rob have proven. Ali pressures with intensity and has great heart, but I would like to see more of his finshing capabilities. Friend holds the ball up well, but has never posed a scoring threat for me.

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Guest Jeffery S.

If you watched Nsaliwa vs Sevilla, as I was able to, you'd see that he is a player with some very similar characteristics as Julian. He has pace and talent going forward, and can combine well, he dribbles and plays intelligently, so you have to take advantage of that in a more attacking position, as we are doing with Julian.

We have plenty of guys who are clearly backs or defensive mids and do not have the talent on the ball you need in the attack. So for me Nsaliwa is an interesting sub for either Julian or Atiba, and since we need someone like that, a very useful player in that position. He also has the conditioning to track back as does Julian, so that is a big bonus as together they'd give you incredible fitness in the middle as well.

I think we have to start the striker scoring most at the highest level, and that makes it between Hume and Occean. I don't care about the rest, goal scoring is about actually scoring, not about playing with your back to the defender or chipping it off to the wing. Must admit I do not know how Occean scores, I mean I do not know how they play so that he scores so much at Lillestrom.

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I really wish Mitchell would come out and clearly explain why Tam is not being called into the squad and what it's going to take for him to be able to included.

it's clear that he can't play for anyone else since he's been capped by Canada several times. I'd love to know, once and for all, if the adds are good or bad that he will ever pull on our uniform ever again. It would be a shame if his desire for a german passport makes it impossible to represent Canada.

is it possible he doesn't want to play for Canada?

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quote:Originally posted by VPjr

I really wish Mitchell would come out and clearly explain why Tam is not being called into the squad and what it's going to take for him to be able to included.

He's already explained the former - it is a citizenship issue. He also said they are trying to get it resolved as quickly as they can (presumably with FIFA).

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On Nsaliwa, the basis issue is if you take out German citizenship you ultimately renounce your current nationalit(ies) unless you can prove hardship (not sure that not being able to play for your former nation's national side is hardship). There is room within German citizenship laws to get permission to apply for another nationaliy (effectively, to reapply for Canadian citizenship). But Nsaliwa needs to have strong connections to Germany (live there, have property, etc.) to be able to do that which he might not if he is playing in Greece. Also, I don't know what Canada's views are on someone renouncing citizenship only to take it back up again (he's not born in Canada so would not qualify that way).

therefore, it could leave him in an interesting situation. He has played for Canada and as he obtained his German citizenship after he turned 21, he is not eligible to represent Germany. But if he must retain citizenship to continue to represent Canada (the FIFA rules are a little vague here), that would mean he would be in the unusual situtation that he could not represent anyone (which some may argue that there is a legal case to be made against FIFA as it effectively denies him from playing international football).

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