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Canada vs. Costa Rica Match Thread (R)

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Looks like someone will have to take up the old Watson role as enforcer, CR is hacking too much at DeGuzeman and Hutchinson. Perhaps Serioux or Imhof, both hard tacklers. Seems kind of odd to think of Canada as the skill team but the evidence is out there tonight, now if they could only score a couple.

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1st half thoughts :

- Canada the best team on the field, De Guzman from far away the best player

- Very intense game by both teams

- Canada lacks creating opportunities (there's something wrong with our tactical disposition, but can't really say what)

- Sad stands are empty, happy to hear you at the game sing :) It changes in comparison with the U20...

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quote:Originally posted by ag futbol

He nearly got cuaght on a slow header back to the keep. I like him but it's those little moments of inconsistancy that drive me crazy.

That's a keeper call. Defender will pass back on a play like that only if their keepers call for it because they have a better view. So it's hardly Hainault fault and since Lars got there Lars got it right.

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