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Canada vs. Costa Rica Match Thread (R)

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Le Prensa Libre is offering this as the Ticos 11:









Ruiz and Nunez in for Saborio and Ronald Gomez.



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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Looks like someone might provide streaming on sopcast...

Any suggestions to improve the stream, my Sopcast is always fits and starts.

Am listening to the radio now, in Spanish, at least get a better idea of the game's flow. And they actually analyze the game, not like these guys on Sportsnet who only yap about peripheral crap, like where so and so gets his hair cut in the offseason. Boring commentary.

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quote:Originally posted by dpetzz

I wonder if all the press about the awful CSA hurt the ticket sales

Look at the ticket prices for starters. Very disappointed in Toronto. Hoping for walk up crowd or late arrivals, to make it look decent.

Now Toronto knows how it feels to be Edmonton. We got bad press about our attendance at the u20. Everyone calling us deadmonton. The CSA screwed us and now bad press hurts Toronto.

Maybe some apologizes from fellow voyegeurs towards Edmonton.

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