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Mo meets with Adam Braz and Andrea Lombardo


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Mo: Alright boys, we haven't scored a goal in two months. I'm not putting it all on your shoulders, but there's a couple of tips I want to give you two since you're both new to this level of football.

Braz: Should I be booting the ball even farther up the field coach?

Mo: Uh, no Adam. That's actually what I want to talk to you about. I really like the defensive side of your game, but I want to talk to you about what you do when you get the ball.

Braz: You mean "Boot-it-up-the-field Time?"

Mo: Well, booting it up the field is one of the things you can do, but there are other things as well.

Lombardo: Things like passing it laterally?

Mo: Yes, that's one thing.

Braz: Laterally, like, into the stands? I already do that when I can't get it up the field.

Lombardo: I always pass it laterally, but usually it's to another player on the field. Sometimes that player is a teammate.

Mo: Uh, actually Andrea, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, passing it laterally is good in certain situations, but, as a striker, I think you should also think about shooting the ball occasionally.

Lombardo: Sh-sh-shooting?

Braz: You mean into the stands?

Mo: No, I mean shooting it at the net.

Lombardo: At the net? That's what other players do. I'm the set-up man.

Mo: No, Andrea, you're a striker. You need to shoot.

Lombardo: I don't understand.

Mo: You know how, last night against Dallas, in about the 17th minute, you had the ball in the middle of the park about 20 yards from goal?

Lombardo: Uh-huh.

Mo: And you passed it sideways to Colin Samuel?

Lombardo: Yeah! (smiles)

Mo: Well I'm just saying that when you're 20 yards out, directly in front of goal, and there's no defender on, it's a good time to shoot.

Braz: Yeah, right into the stands!

Mo: No, at the net.

Lombardo: I don't get it.

Mo: When you have the ball in front of the net, and no defender is on you to keep you from shooting, you should...

Lombardo: Pass it to Colin Samuel?

Braz: Boot it up the field?

Mo: No, shoot!

Lombardo: You mean put it out wide to to Todd Dunivant?

Braz: You mean shoot it into the stands?

Mo: No, shoot it at the net!

Lombardo: Oh, okay, now I get it.

Mo: Thank God.

Lombardo: You want me to pound it all the way back to Kenny!

Braz: And then Kenny can pass it to me and I can boot it all the way back up the field!

Mo: No! Shoot it at the other team's net.

Lombardo: Huh?

Braz: At the other team's net from 80 yards away?

Mo: No Adam, I still need to talk to you about short passes. You shouldn't always boot it up the field.

Lombardo: Short passes? That's what I do.

(Tyrone Marshall walks in)

Mo: Tyrone, maybe you can help me. If Andrea were a striker on another team, and he were in front of the goal you were defending, what would you not want him to do?

Marshall: If he comes anywhere near me I'll break his leg!

Braz: And then boot it up the field!

Mo: No, shoot!

Lombardo: Pass?

Mo: No, shoot!

Lombardo: Dive and draw a penalty?

Marshall: You won't have to dive, 'cause your leg will be broken.

Mo: Argh!

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