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CSL Week 18

Rocket Robin

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Result of the Friday September 7th, 2007 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and London City played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:30pm.

55 min…White Eagles Nikola Budalic GOAL…SWE Mihailo Bacanin crosses from left that has defender block and partially clear. Budalic stops ball and blasts 10 yarder from left into top left corner of net.

61 min…City Jamie Andrews GOAL…City Tsheka Anderson rushes down left cutting to middle and passes forward to Andrews whose low 15 yard shot is into low left side of net behind goalie Arthur Zaslavski.

77 min…White Eagles Noel Ellerton GOAL…Ellerton is behind defenders and turns and rolls 8 yarder into right corner of net after getting pass from the right.

86 min…City Marco Peeters twists SWE Gabriel Pop tripping him in the box. Referee Justin Tasev calls a Penalty kick. He also gave a Yellow card to City goalie Tommy Bianchi for kicking the ball behind the net after the call.

87 min…White Eagles Gabriel Pop GOAL…Pop shoots his Penalty kick low to left side of net as goalie dives right.

Final Score:……..Serbian White Eagles……..3………….London City……….1………..

Attendance was about 400 on this hot night but a very breezy night. The threat of rain (there was some falling on my drive to the stadium) may have kept the crowds down but none fell when the game was on.

The White Eagles dominated this game but had many problems scoring. I counted at least six corner kicks in the first half for them and about as many crosses from the end line. I thought Mihailo Bacanin was the best player for the White Eagles as he put many of his crosses into the box easy enough for any forward to tap or head the ball in. The fans were frustrated by 5 yard shots going wide and headers going over the bar or not being turned at all. I hadn’t seen the White Eagles since August 17th but have read them struggle for results such as last Sunday when they were upset by Canadian Lions 3-2. They are certainly missing star player Sasa Viciknez who’s out with an ankle injury. They will next play North York Astros on Sunday before playing back here on Thursday night against Toronto Croatia.

I was wondering if London City would have enough guys to play tonight because they started the warm up with only six guys but gradually they built up to a full team with enough subs. Doing the two hour drive to London and back twice last weekend, I realize how tiring it is and that may be one of the reasons the game was scheduled half hour later than the usual White Eagles starting time. They didn’t always make the best use of them though as when Tsheka Anderson was injured at 81 minutes, City didn’t make a sub until 90 minutes when Camilo Gonzalez went in to play. While they were short, White Eagles scored their final goal. City didn’t have many chances and their best ones were from counterattacks like the goal they did score. Sometimes having five or six guys back in their box did keep them in the game much longer than if White Eagles had scored early and blown the game open.

Rocket Robin


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Saturday, September 8

There were two games in the CSL late this afternoon:

St. Catharines Wolves 2, Windsor Border Stars 0

Trois-Rivieres Attak 3, Canadian Lions 0

Stan Adamson

Executive Director

Canadian Soccer League

The Soccer Centre

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Vaughan, Ontario

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Tel: 905 856-5439 Fax: 905 856-9325

Email: stanadamson@canadiansoccerleague.ca

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Result of the Sunday September 9, 2007 CSL game between Italia Shooters and Toronto Croatia played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 8:00pm.

Final Score:…….Italia Shooters……….0…………..Toronto Croatia……..0…………

Attendance was about 80 on this warm night. There had been rain the night before and it looked like rain from earlier in the day but nothing fell while the game was on.

Play was pretty even throughout the night with one patch between 15 and 21 minutes when no ball was inside the 20 yard lines of either team yet the passing was great, just one pass too short of getting a clear shot or a break in the box. Many of the shots throughout the game were blocked or saved by defenders rather than the goalies although they were both called on to make a few stops.

Camilo Benzi for the Shooters and George Azcurra for Croatia earned the shutouts for each team. Benzi had a tougher time lucky to stay in the game when he was crunched by a Croatia player when he charged to the edge of box to punch a ball away.

Shooters defender Rick Titus asked me after the game if I thought the game was boring. I didn’t think that because this was a close, hard fought game. Referee Steve Cahoon stopped the game in the first half to warn Croatian head coach Milodrag Akmadzic and in the second half on Shooters assistant coach Sam Medeiros to stop complaining from the sidelines. He never lost control of the game and kept the cards to a minimum. One of his cards though was at 68 minutes to Croatia’s Mario Pupic when Shooters Chris Turner suddenly went to ground while a group of players stood waiting for a cornerkick into the Croatia box. Shooters physio Stella Makcis examined his injury then came back off the field to tell their bench. “Nothing I can do for him, he got hit in the balls”.

Croatia coach Milodrag Akmadzic was very upset at the usually reliable Hayden Fitzwilliams who held back on some rushes and made some offside passes breaking up Croatian rushes. Tihomir Maletic and Hugo Herrera were the forwards for Croatia.

Shooters coach Tony DeThomasis answered me before the game to explain how they were beaten 4-0 by Croatia on Friday. They had three starting defenders at a Footsal tournament in South America. Fitzroy Christie was back for tonight’s game and Denny Velastegui and Alvaro Yaques will be back and ready for the next game. Midfielder Bill Androutsis was suspended for the rest of the year by the league for getting into a fight after already being subbed off. Forward Jason DeThomasis is serving a suspension for being ejected from the Open Canada Cup semi-final last weekend.

With a tie tonight, this showed that Shooters could rebound from their 4-0 loss, the Serbian White Eagles jumped into first place in the International Division with a 5-1 win over North York Astros. That game started an hour before this one and announcements were made during the game about the score 2-0, 3-1, 4-1, and 5-1 as the evening went on. Next game for Toronto Croatia is against the White Eagles on Thursday night at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke. This game was sold as a ‘home’ game for White Eagles with tickets only being distributed through Serbian ethnic shops and clubs. There are no tickets available on the night of the game and one reason for the game being on Thursday rather than the weekend is to stop any travelling rowdies from out of the city from causing trouble. A game later in the season will be treated as a ‘home’ game for Croatia.

Rocket Robin


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