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A Typical CSA Director Evening


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So there I was after a match at a local soccer facility...and I head up to the bar in the pub for a pint.

Who says hello to me? Two gentlemen that I will leave nameless that are on the Board of Directors for the CSA. How proudly they wore their CSA jackets. And how nice they were to offer to buy my pint along with their own.

"That'll be $15.00, sir."

One of the Directors looks at her incredulously, peering down at the logo on his Adidas jacket - "put it on the CSA tab!"

The barmaid replied "Um, there is no CSA tab."

"Put it on the province's tab."

"There is no Provincial tab."

An awkward silence...followed by me reaching into my pocket. Not just for my beer, but theirs...

I watched them over the course of an hour quaff a number of bevies. Laughs, back-patting, chest thumping...and when I left, there they remained, faces aglow, half in the bag, talking a bit too loudly about that "a$$hole" Linford.

Rest assured, Voyageurs, that soccer is in good hands.

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