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CSA does it again!


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BY James The Score



Most Thursdays I mosey into work at some ridiculously late hour, look busy for a couple of hours, head out for a very long lunch, return, half in the bag, and then try and look busy for another couple of hours. Not today though, oh no!

The CSA held a media conference at the ungodly time of 9:45am! Of course given the events of the past week I felt obligated to attend. Of course, once the formalities were over with, and we had learned that Winners has jumped aboard the CSA bandwagon, as they team up with the women's program and minor soccer, we got to ask what we had all really show up for; just what the hell is happening in Ottawa these days!

Perhaps it's the air in the nation's Capital, but the whiff of bureaucracy is rife I'm afraid. By now I assume you are all aware that President Colin Linford resigned this week. He didn't go quietly, denouncing the CSA, essentially fuming that he was powerless because the all powerful board of directors has the final say on everything! That there are two many people with their own personal agendas and interests to ever help improve the national program.

Today the CSA was trying to spin the news, without really saying anything. It seems that the transparency Linford had campaigned for, is now as murky as ever.

Remember CEO Fred Nykamp? Remember the media conference where his hiring was announced? Well, apparently the board had never ratified his hiring! As it stands he is not CEO, although the board hopes to clarify the issue in short order. Can you say massive law suit?

So then, we have no CEO, we have no President, and of course we have no Technical Director! Good stuff, now the board can appoint the puppets they see fit to champion their causes.

Remember when we were all looking forward to the future or Canadian Soccer? It wasn't that long ago, but now we are once again stuck up to our necks in quick sand, and it feels as if we are about to go under!

I remember talking to Linford several months ago; he was adamant that the CSA needs to follow the direction of successful soccer nations, that we must put a priority on the men's World Cup team! Well, I was told today that that is almost true, but to be completely accurate the CSA puts a priority on the national program as a whole. Not just the men's World Cup team. So basically, Linford’s mission statement has been torn up.

The soccer community in Canada is an angry bunch, and their furor is gathering steam! It seems the people have had enough, I wonder whether the CSA is ready for this fight!

We will be discussing this on The Footy Show on Friday.

We have to get united about next game protest ASAP or CSA assholes will find the way out again.

We have to put all differences on side and do something.

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