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CSL Week 16

Rocket Robin

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Friday, August 24

There were two games played and one game postponed in the CSL tonight:

Serbian White Eagles 2, Portuguese Supra 1

Toronto Croatia 2, North York Astros 2

London City vs. Windsor Border Stars postponed due to weather (rain and lightning).


I was at the Croatia vs Astros game and hope to have comments tomorrow. The last 10 minutes it did start to rain and there was lightning in the background. The final whistle started fans fleeing for their cars.

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Result of the Friday August 24th, 2007 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and North York Astros played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 8:30pm.

7 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…Maletic receives long pass from left sent in by TC Robert Grnja. Maletic at about 18 yards waits for defender to run by him and he cuts in 12 yard shot into short right side of goal behind diving goalie Haidar Al Shaibain.

67 min…Astros Diego Maradona GOAL…Astros Gil Vainshtein cross from right has ball partially cleared and goalie Roy Blanche caught out of his net. Maradona lasers 20 yard shot from right into top left corner of net bending it in although defender who was guarding that post.

81 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…TC Mario Pupic on left side of box near end line rolls ball to center and Maletic 12 yard shot just inside right post with goalie out of play guarding Pupic.

85 min…Astros Selvin Lammie GOAL…Lammie gets to deflected Astros player’s 30 yard freekick from left and takes blast from 18 yards that pinballed off defender and drops into net.

Final Score:……..Toronto Croatia……2……….North York Astros…….2……….

Attendance was about 80 on this hot, humid night (as it is now dark at 8:30pm at this time of year). Fans were in a hurry to leave once the game ended as the rain was getting stronger and resulted in a real downpour for a few hours. There was always the threat of rain earlier but during the game only a few drops fell.

Roy Blanche was the starting goalie for Toronto Croatia tonight as regular goalie George Azcurra took the game off to spend time with his son Ashton George Azcurra who was born yesterday morning. Blanche was the starter for in most of the Brampton Stallions games when they were in the league last year. He played very conservative in the first half with him staying inside his box for the first half (while Astros goalie Haidar Al Shaibain would venture out to clear through balls) but as the Astros took over in the second half with more ball control and periods where Croatia had trouble clearing the ball out of their own half Blanche came well out of his box and had to clear a few for throw-ins when he was pressured.

Maradona’s goal was one of the best of the year. There didn’t seem to be enough space for the ball to squeeze into the net.

The game wasn’t rough and the only Yellow card I noticed was when referee Steve Cahoon gave one to Croatia’s Ante Brkic for kicking the ball over the back fence after he was called on an offside flag.

Croatia remains undefeated in league play this year but is quite a few points out of first place because they’ve tied too many times this year.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday August 26, 2007 of CSL game of North York Astros and Toronto Croatia played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 6:00pm.

4 min…Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL…TC Robert Grnja feeds ball up middle from 30 yards to Maletic who kicks low 15 yard shot from left into right corner of net beyond goalie Ratko Ivanovic.

12 min…Croatia Tomislav Ples GOAL…Ples’s 12 yard shot from right is into top left corner of net.

35 min…Croatia Tomislav Ples GOAL…Ples’s low shot from right 15 yard has diving goalie get piece of ball but tips it into low left side of net.

39 min…Croatia Robert Grnja GOAL…TC Tihomir Maletic on right is surrounded by four defenders and is tripped but gets ball centered to Grnja who blasts 18 yarder into top left corner of net.

79 min…Croatia Robert Grnja GOAL…TC Tomislav Ples rush on right from 35 yards when he gets ball and then rolls cross to Grnja who taps in 10 yarder into empty net as goalie was playing the cross.

Final Score:………North York Astros……0………Toronto Croatia…….5……….

Attendance was about 120 on this hot evening with a bright sun in the west. Attendance was better than the Astros usual number thanks to having ball boys which results in their parents coming along and the mostly pro-Croatian fans in the crowd.

Toronto Croatia put this game out of reach early with the early goals. Just one minute before the second goal, Selvin Lammie took a 22 yard shot up the middle that hit the left goalpost. Another inch further over and that would be a goal and possibly a turn in momentum. Astros had some other chances later in the game but the score was already out of reach.

Croatia was anxious to put this game away early because these teams met up on Friday night in Mississauga and the Astros came back twice to earn a 2-2 result.

Today was not a rough game and referee Justin Tasev gave out few cards.

George Azcurra and Roy Blanche shared the shutout for Croatia. Blanche had the tougher time as in the second half he had to squint into the sun for the first 15 minutes until the bright sun was safely behind the horizon.

Toronto Croatia remains undefeated in league play this year and with their games in hand, could catch Italia Shooters for first place in the standings.

Rocket Robin


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Result of Sunday August 16th, 2007 CSL game between Portuguese Supra and London City played at Centennial Park in Etobicoke at 9:00pm.

36 min…Referee David Barrie calls a Penalty kick for a hand ball just inside the right side of the City box on a defender. He then gave a Yellow card to player coach Jeff Brown but that apparently was for his complaining to the referee’s assistant.

37 min…Supra Jesse Barcia GOAL…Barcia’s Penalty kick is shot to right side of net and flying goalie Mike Frost gets a hand to it but just deflects ball into far corner of the net.

42 min…Supra Kevin McIntosh GOAL…Supra Daniel Cameira rush on right and crosses to McIntosh whose low 12 yard shot has sprawling goalie get piece of but ball deflects over him and trickle into the net. Defenders had a chance to check McIntosh but couldn’t close him off as he burst into box.

69 min…Supra Ronald Nicholas GOAL…Nicholas gets centering pass and cuts 25 yard blast into low left corner of net.

73 min…Supra Alban Vuktilaj GOAL…Supra Ronald Nicholas cross from 12 yards on left has Vuktilaj blast 5 yarder into open net.

79 min…City Travis Gordon GOAL…City Camilo Gonzalez 45 yard freekick from right has Gordon head ball in through crowd of players into net from 5 yards past substitute goalie Johnny D’Amato.

87 min…Supra RED card…Yami William earns his second Yellow card of the game and is ejected for unsporting conduct. The referee added six minutes of injury time but there was no further rough play in that time.

Final Score:……..Portuguese Supra……..4…………London City………1……….

Attendance was about 50 on this warm night. The game didn’t start until 9:00pm because of all the Ontario Cup games in the last few days. The field was in it’s worst shape of the season with big mud patches creeping through the grass because of the stomping over the weekend and the rain of Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Michael Silva played the first 76 minutes of the game and kept London off the board. He seems to have worked out of the owner’s doghouse for his game a few weeks ago and still wears the captain’s armband. He had some help from his defenders at 9 minutes when they blocked three shots in succession and then he was sharp at around 26 minutes when he blocked or caught another three attempts. City’s Jeff Brown had a rough start to the game as he wasn’t allowed to start with the way his knee was wrapped so he missed the first few minutes.

Supra has shown some improvement in their last few games with a win over the North York Astros last week and a close loss to Serbian White Eagles on Friday night. Canadian Lions also won tonight so all the teams are making a run for the playoffs. It’s quite possible that all five teams in the International Division will make the playoffs at the expense of the worst of the National Division teams.

Rocket Robin


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