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Dale Mitchell conference call

Ben Knight

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quote:Originally posted by Grizzly

Yes usually we just get press releases. This is a good thing if it becomes a regular occurence and will hopefully give us some more information and end some of the speculation about why certain players are not called.

Hopefully that is the case. Of course, to get full value out of these conference calls we need knowledgeable & savvy members of the media (or other attendees) who can ask "Why wasn't so & so called?" or "What's the status of Tam Nsaliwa eligibility to play for Canada given that he apparently had to renounce his Canadian citizenship to play in Greece as a non-import" (which is what someone here suggested a little while ago).

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quote:Originally posted by loyola

Someone should also ask him about Lars Hirschfeld status if he isn't on the squad for Iceland.

I hope Ben Knight is taking notes here ;)

Why doon't we send Wildboy to ask him why the CSA is conspiring against Lars.. Maybe Mitchell can explain the Carlo Colaiacovo and Dustin McGowan situation too and their relation to Lars.

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