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CSL Week 14

Rocket Robin

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Result of the Friday August 10th, 2007 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Windsor Border Stars played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 8:30pm.

5 min…Croatia GOAL…Boris Tomac GOAL…TC Tihomir Maletic taps over freekick from 30 yards on centering ball and Tomac blasts shot into top left corner of net so fast that goalie Anthony Santilli doesn’t even move.

37 min…Croatia Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL…TC Robert Fran sends in low cross from 18 yards on right to charging Fitzwilliams who runs into box and blasts in 7 yard shot.

44 min…Croatia Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL…TC Robert Fran on run on right centers pass and Fitzwilliams rolls 10 yarder into right corner of net.

Final Score:………Toronto Croatia……..3……….Windsor Border Stars………0………..

Attendance was about 100 on this warm evening which began at dusk so the sun was not a factor.

The Border Stars only brought 13 players and that included counting coach Pat Hilton as a substitute. They just couldn’t replace their tired players in the second half whereas Croatia had a choice of seven fresh players to keep their lead.

George Azcurra earned the shutout for Toronto Croatia. He had to make some tough saves in the second half to keep the Border Stars from getting back into the game.

Anthony Santilli had to be sharp or the game would have been twice the score especially in the second half when his team had to press to try for a goal.

Robert Fran played as a midfield winger this game instead of defence and sent in some great crosses into the box. Tom Granic was listed as a sub and coach for this game. Milodrag ‘Bosco’ Akmadzic is still serving a suspension so had to go behind the outside fencing while the game was on.

The Border Stars next game is Sunday in Trois-Rivieres and let’s hope they can get some more players for the bench to make that game more competitive.

Referee David Barrie gave out a few cards, mostly in the second half to keep the game from getting scrappy. The most unusual was given to Croatia’s Hugo Herrera who’d been injured with 8 minutes to go when he ran into the swing of Anthony Santilli’s arm while the goalie was throwing out a clearance up field. Herrera was ordered off the field for possible treatment but came back on to play two minutes later without being signalled back on.

Rocket Robin


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I went to watch Serbian White Eagles vs North York Astros yesterday and as in the cup game these two teams offered some of the most entertaining games to wach, they are both commited to attacking soccer and thay are both very skilful teams. The Astros perform one of the most amazing comebacks I have ever seen, they tied the game 4-4 in 10 minutes, after being down 4-0 in the first 30 min of the game......well they didn't really tied the game because the fourth goal by the Astros was disalaud by the referee after the ball hit the crossbar and an Astros player put the ball in. Then in the second half the experience of the White Eagles took over and they scored 2 more goals from crosses.

Very entertaining game and waht we all like......lots of goals, in the two games they played eachother they scored 15 goals!!!

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An article from the Monthly publication Town Crier (North York edition)

there's a photo in that article.

Pedigree draws attention for Astros player

(Posted Date: Friday, July 27, 2007)

With a name like Diego Maradona, opposing CSL players and fans alike are sure to take notice

By Carmine Bonanno

Francis Crescia/Town Crier

Being related to one of soccer's greatest players can't be easy, but Diego Maradona is handling it like a veteran.

The 18-year-old, whose uncle and godfather is the famous World Cup star with the same name, is in his first season with North York Astros of the Canadian Soccer League, and after playing the game for nearly 15 years he's no longer surprised by people's reaction when they learn his name.

"Usually the first impression people have is 'Are you kidding me'," he said with a laugh, in a recent interview. "I then have to tell them the whole story of how my dad is (soccer star) Maradona's brother, so I'm used to the whole thing."

Hoping to have a lengthy professional career himself, Maradona said there is pressure every time he takes to the field, but instead of it hurting his game, it makes him a better player.

"In soccer, people try to compare me with my uncle, but I'm not even close (to his level of talent)," he said. "Teams find out who I am and always come after me, but that makes me confident.

"Since they always try to stop me, it motivates me to play better and keeps me focused on the field."

Maradona's journey to the Astros' starting 11 involves three continents and a lot of travel. After his birth in Spain, Maradona's family lived in Argentina for five years before coming to Toronto for the first time in 1995.

Following three years in North York and four in Woodbridge, Maradona moved back to Argentina in 2002 until professional soccer in Toronto came calling earlier this year.

"I originally came back to play for Toronto FC, but things didn't work out with them," he said. "After that, (Astros) coach Rafael Carbajal called me to ask to come to a practice and see if I like it.

"The players are really friendly so it's been pretty good so far."

Maradona, who is completing two high school credits and working in retail in addition to playing professional soccer, said there was a period of adjustment when he first suited up for North York.

The offensive midfielder has since familiarized with the Canadian style of soccer and has even scored two goals this season.

"It took me a couple of games to get used to this kind of soccer, since there is a lot of running, a lot of long balls and it's a lot more physical," said Maradona. 'I'm the type of player who likes to control the ball and make plays, but I should be really good by the end of the (regular) season."

Maradona, who was in attendance for Argentina's Under-20 World Cup victory on July 22 at BMO Field, does not know how long his Astros' career will last, but knows his ultimate goal is to play for famed club team Boca Juniors - the last team his uncle played for before retiring.

"I was with him for the last game of his career, standing beside him on the field as he spoke to the large crowd," said Maradona, adding he still speaks with his uncle on a regular basis. "That was like the peak of my life because we had a really close relationship."

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Result of the Sunday August 12th, 2007 CSL game between Italia Shooters and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

31 min…Shooters Stalin Cardenas GOAL…IS Desi Humphreys gets bouncing pass at centre line on left sideline and runs towards middle and passes roller to right from 30 yards. Cardenas charges and shoots low 18 yard shot to left corner of net beyond sliding goalie.

33 min…Shooters Sean Myers GOAL…Myers gets away 20 yard shot that sliding goalie Claudio Perri gets a piece of at 7 yards but ball deflects up and rolls into center of net. IS Josua Jaramillo had sent Myers a pass from the right.

67 min…Shooters RED card…Stalin Cardenas earns a direct ejection for smashing into Wolves Matt Waddington at Wolves 40 yard line. Waddington limps off the field having been down for two minutes but returns to game two minutes after restart.

Final Score:…….Italia Shooters……..2…………..St Catharines Roma Wolves……..0………

Attendance was about 120 on this warm evening with a partially overcast sky. The rain of the afternoon did not have an effect on playing on the Field Turf surface.

Referee Justin Tasev had given out only one card until the ejection and ironically that was to Matt Waddington 12 minutes earlier. He had to give out a few cards later when action became rougher.

The Red card certainly made the game tenser as the Wolves got more chances to press. As Cardenas was a forward, the Shooters understandably played with just one forward so they could keep a full backfield. Desi Humphrey played a strong game as a midfield winger and got in some good crosses.

Camilo Benzi earned the shutout for the Shooters and was well tested in the last 20 minutes when the Wolves pressed. Shooters Fitzroy Christie, Rick Titus, Alex Duhelishchke and Alvaro Yacques were the defenders and limited the Wolves shots on net and made some good clearances of rebounds including a few stops on the goal line. Benzi helped his cause by making some timely charges out of his box to clear away loose and through balls. Anthony Strange was the greatest Wolves threat. Wolves goalie Claudio Perri was much busier but had to be sharp to keep the score down.

Rick Titus answered after me after the game that he is still working for the Toronto Lynx Academy. Although the PDL team players have gone back their universities now, there is still the Under 14s and 17s training throughout the Fall. Titus agreed that there’s still nothing like playing! Shooters head coach Tony DeThomasis said Titus and the team approached each other about him joining the team. A lot of the players know him and recommended him. In the games I’ve watched, he’s been a great acquisition.

These two teams meet in a rematch on Wednesday night in St Catharines. Scheduling like this happens quite often this year in the CSL even for teams not in the same division. It must make it tough on the officiating crew for teams out for revenge or retribution.

Rocket Robin


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Weekly review at www.insidesoccer.ca



10 :: Serbian White Eagles [6] North York Astros [3]

Scoring Summary

SWE Gabriel Pop 3, Sasa Viciknez, Nik Budalic, Alex Braletic

NYA Diego Maradona, Omar Samuels, Alessandro Bancheri

10 :: London City [1] Portuguese Supra [0]

Scoring Summary

LON Roy Beishuizen

10 :: Toronto Croatia [3] Windsor Border Stars [0]

Scoring Summary

TC Boris Tomac, Hayden Fitzwilliams 2

12 :: Canadian Lions [2] North York Astros [2]

Scoring Summary

CAN Evan Milward 2

NYA Brian Carbajal, Alessandro Boncheri

12 Portuguese Supra [2] Serbian White Eagles [3]

Scoring Summary

POR Ronald Nicholas, Helio Pereira

SWE Alex Braletic 3

12 Italia Shooters [2] St Catharines Wolves [0]

Scoring Summary

IS Stalin Cardenas, Sean Myers

12 :: Trois-Rivieres Attak [5] Windsor Border Stars [4]

Scoring Summary

TRA Nicolas Lesage 2, Darko Kolic 2, Alpha Bah

WBS Gino Berardi 3, Aaron Byrd



CSL Standings (Pts Per Game-Pts-GP)

National Division

1.64–23-14 Trois-Rivieres Attak

1.31–17-13 St. Catharines Wolves

1.00–14-14 Windsor Border Stars

0.92–12-13 North York Astros

0.91–11-12 London City

International Division

2.31–30-13 Italia Shooters

2.27–25-11 Serbian White Eagles

1.90–21-11 Toronto Croatia

0.75–09-12 Portuguese Supra

0.69–09-13 Canadian Lions

CSL Goal Scoring Leaders

12 Aaron Byrd (Windsor Border Stars)

12 Nicolas Lesage (Trois-Rivieres Attak)

11 Evan Milward (Canadian Lions)

09 Kadian Lecky (Italia Shooters)

08 Jason De Thomasis (Italia Shooters)

08 Antonio Stranges (St Catharines Wolves)

08 Sasa Viciknez (Serbian White Eagles)

07 Gabriel Pop (Serbian White Eagles)

07 Darko Kolic (Trois-Rivieres Attak)

07 Helio Pereira (Portuguese Supra)

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