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Montreal vs Miami [R]


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0-0 at the half

Riberio was one of the strong points of offense but got subbed out around 35 minutes for testo, maybe slightly injured?

oddly enough Di Lorenzo really picked up for montreal after that including making an exceptional strike from about 25 yards that rattled the cross bar.

everyone has been combing well with biello but his shooting leaves much to be desired.

Matt Jordan has been having a great game, looks like the guy from the movie The Cell though with his head gear.

Montreal's defence, despite the clean sheet looks shaky, they've made a few dangerous errors.

The striker (don't know who) has been pretty much invisible.

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I got drunk between these posts so sorry if I forgot something but...

G'beke (the invisible striker) finally started to make a sluggish impact on the game and was subbed out for Roberto Brown around the 58th minute, he did all right, ran down the ball, almost had a nice move.

Leduc was replaced by... some guy with a french name I forgot, sorry, that was around 70th.

the defence made more mistakes for the first fifteen minutes but settled down the last half hour and closed down miami, the only chances were exceptional ideas we poorer finishing.

montreal had more chances by more random players set up by de lorenzo, who did almost manage a rebound goal and just caught the keepers hand.

final score 0-0

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