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Toronto vs chicago


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I watched todays game and a few things I noticed toronto is lacking

1 Lombardo sucks. I seen commercials of this guy , I heard that he played in italy and that he is a big hope for canadan soccer but comeon this kid is as bad as it gets

2 Canada needs a #10 play maker

3 They need to work in the defensive zone.

I think toronto fc should be looking to get a few new players for next season . I was looking at the players salary and they could easily get decent players from southamerica to play here ( european players are too expensive). For next season toronto should get at least 3 -4 new players to be able to have a good team. It would be good to see some latin flavour skills combine with the heart and fitness of the toronto fc players.

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It’s a shame that you think that way about him, and the team. Both are young. TFC will have always a future, however Lombardo is a different story and only he can determine his future. All players have good years and bad ones. It appears that Lombardo is getting some playing time with TFC, but well short I think for him to regain his confidence, and tranquility in his game.

He seems to be fighting too hard, in the small amount of time on the field to prove himself of his role as a striker, a battle which he is having lots of difficulty .

I think it just simply not enough minute experience in games related situations plus the pressure off being a goal scorer is way too high on his shoulders and THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR HIM.

As I may agree with you Lombardo is a big hope for many, and I personally still think that he will, do well, just give it time. But no matter what we say his future really relies, on his himself and his performances of these short appearances at this moment and unfortunately that being the facts your right he better wake up soon. He has to want it more then others….

My idea of a player who want more then others….

Compare it to a fish TANK (the Field) the FISH (the little player) the PREDATOR (the bigger player) and the FOOD (the ball) and finally environment (day to day living).. Water conditions (THE COACH)

A fish that is aware of it’s environment in a tank with the water conditions good, it tends to swims freely and calmly in a tank and it eats only when you give it food. IE - practice, commercials, every day living et…..c but no games.

Put a Predator in the same tank and water conditions. THE GAME begins, he looks for that fish, which hides from it, knowing he is in the tank. The predator does not care about the water conditions when he is in the tank, nor does he wait to be given food. It hunts the fish and knows where it is and simply waits patiently for it to come out to be given food. If that fish is not careful and it thinks it is in a normal environment he will be eaten. ,

I know he has tremendous ability....and can become a big predator but he has to do it. Neither the environment nor the water conditions… will do it for him

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although I agree with you the TF could have a future .But they also need to think about their fans.. how long would they have the support of their fans if they keep on loosing.. Why would not get at least3 decent players from southamerica ( they are cheap) and take advantage of their experience to bring this young team together and start winning some games.

And as per lombardo... no comment

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Most of TFC's losses have been closer than this one.

Lombardo may be looking at more game time due to injuries being nursed by Cunningham and now Dichio. In his first appearance for TFC he was very good. Consistency is not the usual characteristic of a players as young as Lombardo. Ask Cunningham and Dichio about their own experiences.

The team field about half of their starting line-up. An 18-year-old rookie in net (did very well). And then they lost their big center back at halftime. That's the cards they were dealt. The defence broke down after an unhappy deflection gave Chicago a second goal.

Tired legs. Segmented squad. Hard times. But as bad as it was, they did not fly a white flag. A team doesn't get better without going through games like this.

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I agree with you but it seems to me that tf could add 2 or 3 more players to be able to be a consistent team. Most of the games they are loosing are close games .

Lets just cheked yesterdays game , chicago brough in blanco and you can tell that they played better, even though blanco was not amazing.

TF has the potential to be up there competing in the playoffs.According to the salary rate of tf they could easily get 2 decent ( good for mls) players from B teams in southamerica.

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Well Lombardo is bound to have more playing time until he himself gets injured, as Dichio is now also out for at least four weeks according to this article:


To his credit, Mo blames himself as a coach for not resting Dichio more. But I think as GM he also deserves criticism for dropping Abbe Ibrahim & not replacing him with another striker. Out of a squad of 28 players, to have only 4 strikers is risking disaster. Two are injured for another month, and if Lombardo & Samuel have to play 90 minutes every game for the next month, they may very well join the other two.

Time to bring in Ali Gerba on loan. Now.

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