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Sutton & Mo Johnston : MNT needs to hire a doctor

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I cant find an on-line version of this story. But it appeared in the local newspaper this morning.

Sutton and Johnston take aim at the fact that the Cnd national team doesn't have a doctor that travels with the team. Sutton claimed that, when he suffered his injury at the GC, it was a doctor in Miami who checked him out and cleared him to return to practice. This decision worsened his situation and, as a result, he may be out of action this season and maybe even the next one as well. Johnston concurred that the national team forced Sutton back into action too early and that, although he wont file a formal complaint against the CSA, he will be cautious from now on about releasing players for National team duty. The quote that appeared in the paper: " If we release players to the MNT, we want them looked after 100%" - Johnston.

When the writer tried to contact Colin Linford for a response to Sutton's claim that the MNT needs to hire a team doctor, he was told by the Linford that " he couldn't discuss the MNT doctors situation with the media until the CSA executive board discusses the situation first" :( [}:)] [?] .

From Linford's response, I Gotta wonder, Does this guy even have a clue what the roles and responsibilities of a President or CEO are?

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