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2008 Voyageurs Open Cup


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If the CSA is not serious about a national open cup then we should take the initiative. Force the CSA's hand.

Look over the following and add input.

This would be an open tournament but for numbers sake, I have started with 58 teams.

1st Round - 58 Teams - Open to all senior and junior teams in Canada

2nd Round - 23 Teams added Toronto FC reserves, PDL (Toronto, Abbotsford and Thunder Bay) PCSL (All Teams) CSL (All Teams) 2007 Senior Mens Champions - 52 teams total

3rd Round - Round of 26 -

4th Round - Round of 16 - Teams added Toronto FC, Montreal and Vancouver

5th Round - Quarter Finals

6th Round - 4 team semi final

7th Round - Final


Drawing for All Rounds - March 2008

1st Round - May 2008

2nd Round - June 2008

3rd Round - June 2008

4th Round - July 2008

5th Round - August 2008

6th Round + 7th Round - September or October 2008

Spaced apart for proper scheduling...

Teams will be drawn by

1) Province - cut down travel cost

2) Inter Province - Example BC team to Alberta. One province rule.

3) Round 4 will have open travel for the Toronto FC, Montreal and Vancouver for fans benefit.

4) Round 5 will have open travel for all teams

The above formula will have to be worked on. It would be easier once teams are known.

Semi Final and Final game will be played on a Thurday and Saturday. A Friday-Sunday possibility also exists. The semi and final will be played at one location. The reason for September-October is because of WCQ. Open final first, followed by WCQ second. Kinda like another Soccer day in Canada. Canada would have to have a home game on a Saturday-Sunday.

Advance notice would help ticket sales and fans could fly across the country. We would have a east-west rotation.

Champion would have to go to 2009 CONCACAF Champions Cup, or forfeit money. The runner up would go instead.

How will we supply prize money?

The prize money should be $100,000 but could be more with the following...

Entry Fee:

USL + MLS - $3000.00

PDL + PCSL + CSL - $1000.00

All other teams - $750.00

Home team will cover all game day costs. Visitor's will cover own travel expenses. 30% of the gross ticket sales will go to the prize fund.

Also applying for government grants because this would be a national championship. Alberta has a grant for this, so other provinces should have something.

The kicker to make this our own is....

100 Voyegeurs donate $500 in payments for the next 9-10 months. That would be $50,000.

Just think of it as investing in the game you love and show the CSA we are a serious organization.

Let me be the first to throw my cash in the ring. Unfortunately because of my work and schedule, I can not take care of the finances. But with my previous work experience, I could talk to a few companies about sponsorship. Lots in Edmonton but a few nationwide.

I would like the first final to be in Edmonton because it is the birth place of the Voyageurs. But anywhere will do, as long as this project gets off the ground.

Let the ripping, tearing and laughter start............

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