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Superliga on FSWC

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The Superliga is on Fox Sports World Canada tonight with....

FC Dallas hosting Chivas de Guadalajara

followed by....

Los Angeles (Beckhamless) Galaxy against CF Pachuca.


Chivas will ride the wave of a pro Mexican crowd to a 2-0 win.

Los Angeles will lose barely against CF Pachuca 1-0 on a controversial call.

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quote:Originally posted by Macksam

Strange, I thought FSC and FSWC were universally the same in the content they showed.

Not all the time.

FSC is US. FSWC is Canada. Sometimes each channel will show different content from what I know (re: Gold Cup games were shown on FSC in the US, but not in Canada, Gold Cup was shown on Gol TV Canada instead, Superliga, shown on FSWC, but not FSC).

I hope this helps from my knowledge. I think a lot of it has to do with rights and what each subsiduary can get. It is just from my recollection from watching FSWC.

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quote:Originally posted by amacpher

There used to be a lot of overlap b/w FSC and FSWC. Now there is hardly any. FSC's bread 'n butter is the Premier League. They show 4-5 matches per week. I don't think FSWC shows any. Maybe 1 (?)

Makes sense as we get the premiership on basic cable. I should try and get the FSWC channel feed.

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