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Posted from the OSA web site.

Do you thing the Technical director can have influance over all the coachs around Ontario?

If he can than this is a good thing, Right?


The Technical Director of The Ontario Soccer Association has the philosophy of "Possession of the Ball" soccer in place across Ontario.

Ontario can now identify and share a "style of play" that will be developed up through the ranks starting with the very basic grass roots programs working up to the elite and other complex aspects of the game. Both Coaching Development and Player Development within our Province will benefit with a positive possession attitude.


There is no simple, or any one answer to the question, "What is, "Possession of the Ball" soccer?" Some purists may say it is familiarity of the game, while others claim it is a God given talent. Regardless of opinions the plain and simple fact is, the Canadian soccer players (with exception) have major problems controlling and maintaining possession of the ball in game situations. This philosophy encompasses more than striking a 40 yard ball into a striker or passing a 15 yard ball out of the back. It accounts for more than executing a 1 yard take-over in midfield. Possession soccer is a combination of all three and a great deal more because it incorporates a positive attitude!

Coaches and individuals in charge must remain positive and open-minded when educating our players. They must believe in their abilities and pass their knowledge on to both players and colleagues. "A sign of the times", Possession soccer will be endorsed and accepted by all participants within the Coaching system across the Province. If we do not embrace this philosophy, we will remain fragmented, with no specific plan.

The enjoyment and learning in the game of soccer is best demonstrated through maintaining possession of the ball. The end result of being able to maintain possession is obviously scoring a goal and the only way to do this is to keep the ball and move in a positive direction towards the opponent's goal through a combination of basic individual and team maneuvers. This requires an understanding that:

If we possess the ability to play we should possess the ability to play with possession.

We as Canadians have become comfortable with playing a limited touch game. This has been, in effect; the ball played wide, the ball played long, and the ball crossed into target areas where the battle is on to score. It has been written by a former National Coach that "limited touches will produce goals.”

" Our inability to score goals" reflects and substantiates that philosophy was totally unacceptable.

The game itself is the best teacher of all. If we play "what we rehearse" all the time we become predictable. Encourage players to initiate how the team plays. Let them show that their individual ability to attack is their best defense.

When players have possession of the ball they can enjoy the challenges, by expressing their enjoyment by playing a composed passing game and as a result, the confidence of the player and the team grows.

Ontario paves the way to lead and encourage all Provinces across Canada to join in with successful Soccer Nations around the world, to develop and play "Possession Soccer!"

Looking back fifteen years I recall our concentration was focused on the so called elite players and the so

called elite coaches that were in control at the upper end of the game in our Country and as I have always been of the opinion that our problems lay at the other end of the spectrum where the youngsters play, I had no listeners. Incredibly, almost a generation of schoolboys soccer players later the upper echelon concedes that radical changes are required, but offer no philosophical support for the coaches who can make the difference.

The Ontario Soccer Association's Technical department has attempted to bridge that gap with quality certification programs, the Club Head Coaching program, the most qualified coaching instructors in Canada and significant signs of success are very noticeable.

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