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CSL Attendance Up

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Attendances up

There has been a major increase in fan support at CSL league and cup games to the half way mark of the 2007 season. Four recent matches topped the 1,000 mark, and the overall league average is more than 25% higher than it was at this time last year.

Led by the Serbian White Eagles and Trois-Rivieries Attak, who regularly have fan support close to or in excess of 1,000 fans, and supported by mass increases for the Italia Shooters, St. Catharines Wolves and Toronto Croatia, the league expects to attract approximately 75,000 fans for its 2007 season schedule.

With three confirmed expansion teams (Quebec FC, Brampton FC and African Icons) in 2008 all committed to resurgence in club sales and marketing, fan growth is surely to experience an even more pronounced spike in 2008.

As can be seen by the tremendous success of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and Toronto FC, live soccer in Canada is becoming a much more popular choice.

“Nothing is more important for the CSL than getting fans to games, and getting them excited about watching and enjoying CSL soccer” Commissioner Cary Kaplan said in reviewing the season so far.

The Canadian Soccer League is Canada’s only professional soccer loop with teams in Ontario and Quebec and expansion plans for other parts of Canada.

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Kappy is putting great pressure on all teams in regards to PR. I'm sure he has offical attendance figues, they're just not published...I wish they were too. Simga what ever happened to the Wizards owner...he seemed to interested in soccer, building his own small stadium with indoor fields

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