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CSL Week 9

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Dervishi's long shot gives City late tie.

Sat, July 14, 2007


On one of the year's most unlucky days, London City had a stroke of good luck.

The soccer team salvaged a 2-2 tie last night against the top team in the Canadian Soccer League's National Division, the Trois-Rivieres Attak, after a goal from midfield by Gentjan Dervishi in stoppage time.

"Luck is for the best, and we were by far the best team tonight," said the City player-coach, adding the team was unfazed by the historically unlucky day.

Dervishi said he took the long-range shot because he didn't believe Trois-Rivieres deserved the win after a fortunate goal in the 90th minute.

"I guess you could say there's justice in soccer," Dervishi added.

In the first half, it was a sea of blue uniforms in the City end. And with City on their heels, Trois-Rivieres capitalized. A slip from defender Marco Peeters in the 12th minute left City goalkeeper Tommy Bianchi alone to fend for himself.

Protecting the net, he dived to his right, but the ball hit the tip of his gloves. Bianchi could only watch as the ball dribbled into the corner of the net, putting City down 1-0.

But the early goal didn't discourage City. They attacked the Trois-Rivieres' defence, hoping to break it down by crossing the ball from the outside.

There were close calls for both sides, but with many impressive saves Bianchi was able to avoid allowing another goal.

And just when it seemed like City would finish the first half down one, fans were surprised with a goal in the 44th minute by Gurson Hazel.

The goal didn't go undisputed since some of the Trois-Rivieres players didn't even know the ball had gone off of Hazel's foot and into the net.

In the second half, City pressed the attack, but couldn't finish, which is something the team struggled with all season.

In the 80th minute, Darko Kolic of Trois-Rivieres was ejected after being handed two yellow cards, then a red card for swearing at the ref.

But in the 90th minute, a lucky shot by Alex Suprenant gave Trois Rivieres its 2-1 lead.

Fans thought it was over. But with a last-minute attempt during stoppage time, Dervishi sent the ball sailing over everyone's head from the midfield to earn City a point.

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Saturday - July 14, 2007

Lesage hat-trick

Trois-Rivieres Attak, playing in their inaugural season in the Canadian Soccer League, were very much in the groove with an impressive 5-1 defeat of Windsor Border Stars at Windsor Stadium Saturday night.

Nicolas Lesage, a 27 year old forward with Montreal Impact now playing regularly with the Attak, led the way with a hat-trick for a personal four-goal total in the Trois-Rivieres weekend swing through southern Ontario. Lesage scored in the 2-2 tie with London City on Friday night.

Lesage struck at 12, 41 and 79 minutes in a game the Quebec-based team controlled almost from the kickoff. Attak midfielder Joe Di Buono scored a second goal at the 13th minute and Border Stars struggled to recover from the early 2-0 deficit.

Alex Surprenant contributed for Trois-Rivieres with a goal at 53 minutes for a 4-0 lead before Windsor striker Aaron Byrd scored from the penalty spot at 75 minutes for 4-1 before Lesage hit his third for the 5-1 final.

Trois-Rivieres are seven points clear of second place St. Catharines in the National Conference with a 5-3-3 WLT record for 18 points, while Windsor Border Stars are at 3-6-1 for 10 points.

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Sunday - July 15, 2007

Hat-trick seals victory

A late hat-trick by Winston Griffiths of Portuguese Supra gave his team a 5-2 victory over Canadian Lions and Italia Shooters were held at home to a 1-1 tie by North York Astros, two games played in the Canadian Soccer League on Sunday.

Griffiths scored at 71, 91 and 93 minutes at Birchmount Stadium, to put the game out of reach of Canadian Lions, a team bidding for its first win of 2007. Portuguese midfielder Helio Pereira gave his team a 1-0 lead at 18 minutes and Lions’ Marko Jamjicek tied the game 1-1 at 56 minutes. Pereira scored a second of two goals at 68 minutes for a 2-1 lead and Griffiths made it 3-1 two minutes later. Jamjicek scored a second for Lions at 89 minutes, a 3-2 Portuguese lead and Griffiths added two at 91 and 93 minutes just before the final whistle, a 5-2 final score.

Portuguese Supra improve to a 2-5-3 WLT record for 9 points, while Canadian Lions are still winless at 0-6-4 for four points.

Andre Stewart of Italia Shooters scored an own goal to give the Astros a 1-0 lead at the 29th minute mark at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan, a 1-0 score at half-time, but at the 74th minute mark, North York Astros also ran into bad luck when Luca Zucal handled the ball in an attempt to prevent Shooters from tying the score. Zucal was handed a red card for the professional foul and Denny Velastegui drove the ball into the net from the penalty spot to tie the game 1-1.

Astros lost a second player when defender Jorge Calzato was shown a second yellow, then a red at 95 minutes.

Italia Shooters remain at the top of the International Conference with a 8-1-3 record for 27 points, while North York improve to 3-4-2 for 11 points.

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Result of the Sunday July 15th, 2007 CSL game between Italia Shooters and North York Astros played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

28 min…Astros (Shooters own goal) GOAL…IS Andrew Stewart pops 15 yard header over goalie Camilo Benzi into his own net just under the bar from a freekick block attempt.

73 min…Astros RED card…Luca Zucal earns a direct ejection for a hand ball in the Astros box preventing a sure goal. Referee Angelo Gertsakis also awards the Shooters a Penalty kick.

74 min…Shooter Denny Velastegui GOAL…Velastegui Penalty kick shot is low to left corner of net as goalie Haidar Al-Shaibain crumples to the right.

80 min…Shooters RED card…Andrew Stewart earned a direct Red card for his elbow on Astros Jose Perez who was rushing up the middle from the center line injuring him.

96 min (injury time)…Astros RED card…Jorge Calzato earned his second Yellow card of the game for his tackle on IS Kadian Lecky near the right corner flag.

Game ends 97 minutes.

Final Score:………..Italia Shooters…....1………North York Astros……1……..

Attendance was about 60 on this mild night with a bright sun from the North West and a warm breeze from the west.

Shooters are the best team in the league this year but this wasn’t one of their better games. The forward line of Kadian Lecky and Gladston Richards couldn’t connect on this tight marking game. Shooters had hit the goalpost at 30 minutes but many of their shots were off target. Shooters subbed Stalin Cardenas and Sean Myers for Gladston Richards and Geron Duporte at 53 minutes but they couldn’t get any goals.

Astros have been adding players to their roster in the last few games. This game added much travelled defensive Peyvand Mossavat anchoring the back line. He last played in the CSL for a few games last year for Portuguese Supra…in fact the Shooters aren’t sure they might not win this game because he may still be on the Supra protected list. David DiPlacido from the 2006 USL Toronto Lynx team was a defensive midfielder for this game. Astros staff was also quite pleased by the new ‘Chilean’ guy who I deduced is Alessandro Bancheri.

Rocket Robin


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Rocket try to get the facts right...... Payvand is in nobody's protective list.......all the Shooters do is cry when things don't go their way. I also believe the Shooters are the best team in the league right now but for some reason they couln't beat the Astros in the last two games they played, 3-2 for Astros and 1-1. Also the chilean player you're talking about has an spanish name "Paulo Astorga" not an italian name "Alessandro Bancheri".

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