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Open Canada Cup -> CONCACAF Champions' Cup Entry?


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Hi all,

I am wondering what you all think about the idea that the Open Canada Cup champion be Canada's entry to the CONCACAF Champions' Cup? Apparently CONCACAF wants to make the tournament larger in 2009, and since we don't have a country-wide league, the Open Canada Cup would be an excellent competition to use to crown a Canadian champion that could participate in the CONCACAF tournament.

Even if the entry we get into the CONCACAF tournament is in a qualifying round, it would (I think) be beneficial to our country over the long haul.

Making the Open Canada Cup more relevant would also bring teams like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal into the tournament in a more serious way.

I assume that the CSA would need to be pressured into asking CONCACAF to allow this to happen, no?

Any thoughts on this?


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