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Dobson: Canucks & Gillette interested in MLS


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It is indeed amazing how that little below the water country and protected by dikes found the time to explore that world. I guess all that low land made them run or sail.Van Coeverden well there is a now famous Canadian name. Our canoe guy who just won the world championship I guess is Dutch as well. I have never checked it out and I am looking forward in meeting him in Oakville.

Now I really understand that Vancouver /BC passion for soccer.All kidding aside it was and has been BC that kept soccer high on the International levels. They have more guys in the Hall of Fame than anyone else and their contribution to soccer is immense. So not only do they deserve it but earned it time and time again.

Thanks Richard for making me feel sort of proud again and reinforce that we crazy Dutch (Robert not included)have something to contribute and even did zillion of years ago.

I can tell you that I made my pitch to the MSL management and I got the feeling that they were listening as they should. It is just that crazy N.A thing, that money stuff,yet I know and believe very strongly that a Vancouver team will be so magnificent.

Now back to reality were do you stand in BC with a soccer specific one and after yesterday this is a maaaaajor must.

I know this thing in Toronto is beyond even my dreams. It seems like yesterday contemplating were this thing was going to be build and who would be involved. That bloody time flies or even faster.

So be prepared it seems to be happening overnight.

Richard thanks for the education and I really wish you and your guys all the best,my total support ahead of Montreal and thanks for all you have done for Canadian soccer.

Having said all that I also feel very strongly that Montreal should be part of the MLS as soon as possible. The rivalry alone between Toronto and Montreal I believe will be more real than between Vancouver. Just the mere fact of fans travelling with the team alone.

I guess tickets will be on a premium and may even rival those between The leafs and habs as well.No matter what it will be as I said magnificent and about time. All cities have proven to be as big in soccer as hockey.

Now about Hamilton,this is also a must I believe.Good soccer and good stadiums bring out the fans no matter what these days and certainly in Canada.

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