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Gold Cup 2007 Video Compilation


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I had to split it into to two cause youtube has a 10 minute limit (it's 14 minutes combined). I divided it mid song but I think it's still works,

this is part 1, it's the intro and the group stages.

this is part 2, it's the quarter finals, the semi finals and the outro(or outrage), I think it's pretty funny, the only joke in part 1 is my adjective for guadelope.

If you want the download it instead of stream just post an ask and I'll put er up somewhere, the pro's of a download is that it's looks alot better in terms of video quality also without the part 2 intro clip and with the song going seemlessly it just seems alot more epic (hahaha).

the negative to downloading are that it's 120 megs.

Overall I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


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