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Canadian Players Abroad!


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To all who bash the young talent who have declined to play for the Canadain U-20 National team should shut your mouths!!!!!

Players Like DeGuzman and Steven Victoria should not be criticized or insulted. They have made the right choice, why would these players come and play for the CSA!??

Why would they risk their careers overseas?! They are the smart ones in my opinion. I say GOOD FOR YOU BOYS! Look after your selfs first. THey would gain nothing from playing with Canada! Their talents would only be limited and they, as players would be embaressedbecause the coaches of the OSA & CSA would miss use them!

Why should they play for the national team? So they can play a bullS*&t sys team with Dale Mitchell. Be limited to what their talent is because they have to play a crap system. Hell NO....JUST SAY NO to the national team. That is what Edgar, Peters and Lombardo should do. Concentrate on your professional Careers Boys, never mind the National Team. Until they get rid of the "Good ol' Boys" who have been in management since day one. THe CSA will never do anything!!

My, opinion the only few people who had class with the CSA/OSA are Ray Clark, Tony Taylor, Carlos Rivas, and Dave Benning. The others can go coach houseleage.

Players like DeGuzman, Victoria, Hargraves should be role modles. They said no to the National team, not because they are not pround to be Canadian, but becuase they were smart enough to see that it would be a negative influence to their careers. When Lombardo was playing with Atalanta in Italy, and he would leave to play with the national team, and Dale would only play him for 10 minutes at a time. His coach in Italy would ask him why waste your time and efforts?! It is an embaressement that a "professional player" does not get any playing time on his National team.

In my opinion, the national team makes most of these young talents like Edger, Peters, Lombardo and a few others look bad. But when you see them play with the PRO teams they are different players.

Enough said.....SH&t has to change at the OSA and CSA begining from the TOP!!!!!!

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quote:Originally posted by MLEO18

Players Like DeGuzman and Steven Victoria should not be criticized or insulted. They have made the right choice, why would these players come and play for the CSA!??

...because they're proud Canadians, this is the stupidest thread I've ever seen. If you're going put your money first and your country second you don't even have a fraction of the pride I do. International football is about pitting countries against each other to see who's best for a good competition, it complete ruins the whole point to have some countries build up there squads with foreigners to dominate like a top club.

You're saying there rolemodels for being traitors shows you have no balls, you might have a sack, but it's empty. International football isn't about Winning anyway possible, it's about winning for YOUR country, it's about the fans.

What kinda freak only supports there country if it's good, here's a crazy idea, just do your best for your people and hope it works out.

Seriously guy, you are the worst Canadian I've ever seen, why don't you go and eat brett hull's ass you little American bitch. (PS I know your probably not an American citizen but if talks like an American and acts like an...)

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