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The NSSL is 25-years-old in 2007

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From- http://www.hfxnews.ca/index.cfm?sid=42674&sc=92

"Soccer celebrates 25 years

Nova Scotia Soccer League began with only six teams


Ante Jazic. Gunn Baldursson. Steve Hart. Craig Janc. Sally Pirie.

It's been a quarter-century, and George Athanasaiou hopes there will be many more bright stars and successful seasons for the Nova Scotia Soccer League.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the NSSL, a league Athanasaiou helped start back in 1983 when only six senior men's teams took the field.

He saw the game grow at the senior and youth levels for men and women, coached five squads to provincial titles, and worked with stars such as Bedford's Jazic of Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy and Canada's senior men's team.

"So many leagues and organizations fold during those first years, and we're so proud that this one grew and developed some very good athletes over such a period of time," Athanasaiou said. "When you look at Jazic, there's someone young players can admire and try to aspire to that level of soccer - the professional game."

Always look back

But he'll always look back at the King of Donair senior men's teams of the late 1980s and the early 1990s as a personal highlight.

"We played 37 games that year, and I'm proud to say we had 37 parties," Athanasaiou said. "Those King of Donair teams had so much fun. Those were special, special years to me, and they helped the league's reputation across Canada."

The league plans on celebrating its anniversary at the premiership playoffs, scheduled for the weekend of August 24 to 27.

A special banquet is scheduled for Aug. 25 - following the semifinal games - with an honorary chair already selected, but to be released at a later date.

The silver celebration falls in line with Nova Scotia hosting the Canadian senior men's and women's championships, set for Thanksgiving weekend in October.

"There's so much buzz across the province about the nationals and all of the senior teams have really been building for this," said NSSL president Lynn Haughn, who has two sons - Ryan and Chris - playing for Halifax City Coldwell Banker of the men's premiership. "We've seen the men's premiership grow to allow teams from Nova Scotia and P.E.I. into league play, and there are three or four teams from other provinces we might add to the women's premiership next year."

Despite adding premiership teams in other areas of the province such as Cape Breton, there are no plans to move around the playoffs, which are currently played at Mainland Common.

Haughn says metro is the league's best bet for a well-attended provincial final, and has advantages over other areas in terms of facilities and hosting capabilities."

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