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TFC Youth Academy


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According to Don Garber, every MLS team is going to need to create a youth academy soon. I think this would help soccer expand in Canada much faster as it would help kids with potential develop their skills like never before in this country.

I recently read an article in the Globe and Mail where one editor wrote that the reason Canadian soccer has suffered for so long is that there hasn't been any good youth programs that breaks the sport down to its basics to develop players like AFC Ajax's infamous youth academy. All Canadian soccer is about having fun, and it hasn't done anything positive to the game in this country.

Before I ramble even further, my question is when is TFC going to open their youth academy? If they can recreate something like Ajax's than we might get our Johan Cruijffs, Van Bastens, Seedorfs and Bergkamps even sooner than what most people think.

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