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Media Protest Idea

Joe Keeper

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If we cant get some reaction from CONCACAF or the CSA (yet anyway), the media is the best way to go. I believe there is already some ideas about launching protest leters to the media on our own behalf. However I think that we could also get alot of coverage and attention from the many loyal magazine publishers on Canadian soccer.

They would probably be all to happy to have some big time controversy, that benefits Canadian soccer's cause, to write about. Magazines such as:

(In Canada)

Inside Soccer

Soccer 360

Soccer Italia

The one I would most recomend is "World Soccer" This magazine is probably the most read football publication in the Western World.They are a well researched, well written monthly that seem to champion quality football, on and equally off the pitch. They are staunchly against coruption from Fifa down to local clubs. They have been very effective in speaking out against the whole Jack Warner and Simpaul Travel scandal with the WC tickets. Im sure they would love to hear about the USA game, the crap refereeing in CONCACAF at large, and the the whole state of the Gong Show that is CONCACAF in general. For the last few years, they have been doing regular coverage of Canada in their "America's" section, written by a fellow named Phillipe Germain.

It is the general public, both in Canada and abroad, that needs to be given exposure about CONCACAF.

If we could put our colective voice together and get some releases out to these people (if somone has not already), finally, perhaps, CONCACAF will feel some heat.

Any thoughts?

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quote:Originally posted by mrpopulistfutebol

Yes, I agree with this. I plan to write to World Soccer. If their is enough people that write to them, this might make headlines in one of their editions.

I agree. I think a Voyageurs release, collaborated on by all of us on this board might get more of a reaction though. If we could get a hold of Phillipe Germain and send him somthing, as well as the editors desk (Gavin Hamilton) we might have a better chance. I would be willing to work on something. Then we can edit it as needed on the board.

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I'm all for it Joe. I tried to start a release in the Email Protest thread. I'll paste it here as well. Feel free to add/remove/edit as you see fit. It was culled mainly from the emails posted.

Voyageurs Protest Canada-U.S. Gold Cup Semi-Final

As Canadian soccer fans, the Voyageurs are protesting the result of the Canada - United States Gold Cup semi-final game played on June 21st. This hard fought and exciting game was unfortunately ruined in the end by incompetent refereeing. We feel that this is an endemic problem in CONCACAF.

In this particular game, Canada fought back from a 2-0 deficit only to have what would've been the tying goal negated by an incorrect offside call. As the game ended shortly thereafter, Canada was denied the chance to play for the win in extra time. Whether Canada would have gone on to beat the USA we do not know; it is clear, however, that Canada deserved at least to try in equal conditions in an extra period.

While we recognize that what's done is done and little can be done to change what happened, we do believe that a serious and thorough review of the incident in question and the officiating in our region as a whole, should take place.

The Voyageurs demand the following:

1) The Referees Committee must review the Canada-US semi-final match carefully and reconsider whether any of the officials assigned to this match are competent enough to be assigned to such important matches in the future;

2) A full review and report on the match from the CONCACAF technical committee, including recognition of the erroneous decision that deprived Canada of a legitimate goal.

Incidents like what transpired on June 21st hurt the credibility of the Gold Cup and will have a negative effect on the popularity of the tournament and international soccer in this region. The CONCACAF Executive Committee must do more to improve the poor standard of officiating in major CONCACAF competitions, such as the Gold Cup and CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. Such blatantly incorrect decisions should not occur in such an important game in our regional championship.

The Voyageurs ask that CONCACAF takes action on this issue and does what it can to ensure that the right thing is done.

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Guest Jeffery S.

The story on our front page has now gone out to our media contacts, soccer association officials and folks at clubs in Canada. All told maybe 140 names on that list, which is also used for the Voyageurs Cup.

You will see it is very close to the version that El Hombre did for us on the basis of other letters sent.

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Hi Jeffrey we are on to something.Maybe that goal is leading us into the right direction.I like that idea very much and if you don't mind I qould love to review that media list just to make sure that we have them all.Please sent it to my email address.

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